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My dog and I spend a lot of time together. He's my baby and I'm his best friend. And so I've been very careful about what I buy for him. Finding great products for the pup in your life can be a lot of trial and error. Here are tried and true products I've found that are serving us quite well for our favorite pup. Since you guys see so much of my furry baby on Instagram, it only felt fitting to dedicate a bit of space here on the blog for him. Petco is sponsoring this post, which is great because it's where I already shop for all my dog's products.

First things, first: DIET.

What you feed your dog is going to be a super person decision and you'll have loads of factors to take into account with your specific dog. My dog has very sensitive skin. After trying grain free and special diet formulas for a few years, I decided to try a vegetarian formulation. Other diets weren't helping his condition and his vet wasn't able to help us outside of diet change suggestions. For a few months I've been using the Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula Dog Food and his skin has completely cleared up to my joy.

Feel Good Dog Treats.

Post Treat Clean Up.

I'm referencing poop pick up bags, of course. I like using the BioBag because it's made in the USA and it's environmentally friendlier than others. It's hard to find pet supply related products that are made in the USA. And it's important for me to support as many made in USA or fair trade companies as possible because that's an easy way to ensure products were made by workers who were paid fair wages.

Cute Dog Toys:

Bayer does not enjoy toys that have a smooth rubber or plastic outside. Stuffed animals with squeakers are his sole joy. That and food, of course. I find the dragon to be especially cute. I wouldn't mind finding that one about the house.

I'd love to know what your favorite dog supplies are, and why. Leave a comment below sharing your best dog friend buys!

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