Sofas For Under $500

For the next few $1000 budget designs I'll be sharing, They'll be living rooms and I've budgeted half the total budget to the sofa. I've rounded up a few other options just in cases stock becomes unavailable or you just want to switch up the color/style a bit. Over the next 6 weeks, I'll be sharing a design centered around each sofa shared below. So make sure you've subscribed to my email newsletter so you'll get a reminder when those go up.

Favorite Sofas Under $500 (Prices fluctuate based on sales)

Got any other favorites? I'd love to know! Maybe I can work a design around it soon!

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  1. ooh, those are some nice ones! I love the Remark one, especially. Craigslisted Ikea sofas seem to be my budget sofas of choice these days ;)


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