The Finishing Touches For A Global Boho Look

Welcome to the final post in the 4 week series of how to get the global boho look. The past three weeks, we've broken down some of the important layers of designing a space. Week 1 it was all about the foundation of building a room with furniture and how you can develop a global style at this stage. Week 2 we covered the textiles because especially with a global bohemian interior, textiles are essential to get right. And last week we shared tips for artwork in a global boho space. At this point, we're ready for the fun stuff: Decor.

Rattan tray with campaign style coaster set

global wall of art with morocco print boho hand wicker mirror thrifted waterscape and handmade hut

rattan bar cart with plants and imari plates


bohemian bedroom with tapestry curtain and headboard, hand dyed bedding, multi textures

collection of thrift store planters and treasures

This is everything from knick knacks to plants to shelf display, vases, candles, you name it. Get ready for decor explosion because there's a good chance you're going to want to go shopping once we've shared all our favorites.


wm1 wm2 wm3






mir3mir1 mir2








lan1lan2 lan3

Candle Holders

 can1can2 can3

And even daily items you wouldn't likely think of as decor can be decor. Like salt n pepper shakers, coat hooks, laundry hamper and dishes. Pick styles, shapes and colors that compliment the global boho style.


Here Are Some Of My Favorite Keywords For Decor:

Keywords for global boho decor search: folk art, vintage, hollywood regency, brass, mid century, vintage rustic, rattan, basket, wicker, woven, textile, trays, whimsical, hanging planter, planter, kilim, moroccan, gypsy, beaded, embroidered, sequins, patterns, indian, african, tribal,

I invite you to follow my Instagram account because I try to share multiple examples of a bohemian style through my own home and friends who share their spaces to the #showmeyourboho hashtag feed. I really enjoy using Instagram for finding inspiration and to just let my mind melt. If you guys would like, I've been thinking of putting together a post about my favorite accounts to follow. Let me know if I should and I will :)

And now you should really check out Katie Gavigan Interiors and Casa Watkins Living for their suggestions and guidance on choosing decor for a global designed space. I think you'll appreciate the different perspectives we each have on global style.

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  1. Love these selections Corinna! Definitely boho global and what I wouldn't give to get my hands on all of these beauties!!


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