Dec-O-Ween: My Halloween Mantle

It's October and that means we get to focus on having some fun decorating for Halloween. I'm so excited to actually decorate this year with the addition of my teal fireplace mantle. Mantles are so fun to play around with! So my contribution to Gretchen of Boxy Colonial's Dec-O-Ween week is sharing how I've decorated for Halloween on my mantle. I sure hope you enjoy it!

Not much else of my decor has changed from my Fall home tour. Instead I like to decorate the porch and the mantle and leave the rest of the decorating fall neutral. Let me share my decorated faux fireplace mantel with you first:

And by "neutral," I mean as neutral as a maximalist loving gal like myself can get.

I don't pick up many items from year to year, but this cute "EEK" from Target's dollar spot had to come home with me.

You may have noticed it's a little spider crazy here. I took fishing line and randomly hot glued plastic spiders to it to mimic a kind of spiderweb invasion.

I really like spiders.

Any Alice in Wonderland fans out there? Imagine my excitement when I found this Cheshire cat at the thrift store.

And in true Corinna fashion, I decorate with a lot of plants. Plants, kitschy decor and color. That's my formula for a space that makes me happy.

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by. I hope you've found an idea or two or three you can use for your own decor. Don't forget to visit the other tours in the Dec-O-Ween series and pin your favorites!

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  1. I always love seeing your mantel, and I'm especially loving its Halloween incarnation :). I like how the traditional Halloween colors are playing off the bright blue....and I didn't notice the spiders at first--eek, indeed! Thanks so much for joining in this week :)

  2. What a cute Halloween mantel! Of COURSE Halloween requires lots of greenery - love it!

  3. Love that blue mantel of yours! And that painting! I'm new here... I need to catch up!

  4. EEEK! I love your mantel! You got the right mix of color, spooky-ness and cuteness for a beautiful Halloween set up! I'm a garland girl, those pompoms and spiders are awesome!

  5. Looks great, love the spiders on fishing line!!

  6. Love the details with your mantel - the colors look so fun together! And I love the spiders!

  7. Corinna!
    This is fabulous...a masterpiece of color and the unexpected . I cannot wait to share this with my readers.!!!

    Much Love,

  8. I love how you infused your halloween decor into your style! It looks so good and the colors all blend nicely with your boho style. Love it!

  9. Love all the color, makes me want to see more of your home. The spiders are a cool idea.


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