4th Utility Cost comparison

As I mentioned last month, it is time for the end of my monthly check ins with my partnership with Rheem and our hot water heater experiment. For this final check in, we'll be assessing the usage of electricity, natural gas and water consumption from the past 3 months versus the same 3 months the year before. The purpose of this analysis is to see if the claim that upgrading your existing systems will save you money. Unfortunately I've found in my own experience that the numbers only make true sense if you're using the same amount of those resources from year to year. And honestly, I've gone a little ham with my water consumption now that I have hot water on demand. But it's still fun to look at. So here we go:

From the past 3 months, here's the breakdown:

ElectricityNatural GasWater

September $157.08

October $107.30

November $106.06

September $0

October $0

November $30.11

 September $129.20

October $0

November $138.57

September total utility 2016: $286.28

October total utility 2016: $107.3

November total utility 2016: $274.74

And from the same 3 months in the year 2015, here's the breakdown:

ElectricityNatural GasWater

 September $131.57

October $82.46

November $111.54

 September $32.17

October $47.72

November $86.43

 September $138.61

October $0

November $106.60

September total utility 2015: $302.35

October total utility 2015: $130.18

November total utility 2015: $304.57

So, yes, there's a decrease in the overall amount we're paying. Which is amazing considering how many baths a day my little one manages to take everyday now. And considering a full warm bath was nearly impossible with our old unit, it's definitely worth mentioning!

If you'd like to read a little more on my thoughts on whether or not this whole process has been worth it in my opinion and with my experiences, definitely check out my thoughts on upgrading my hot water heater.

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