EEF&TSBT: The Cozy Casita Handmade Talavera Tile Tray

In an effort to eliminate some of the world's longest blog post titles, I've abbreviated one of favorite series I do here: Epic Etsy Finds & The Shops Behind Them (EEF&TSBT for short). Today I want to pop in a share a little shop that I discovered and let you preview a bit yesterday: The Cozy Casita. She uses Talavera tiles to adorn trays mostly, but you can also find mailboxes, boxes and coasters. Reach out to her if you're interested in something specific, she does entertain custom orders.

My two favorite colors are teal and pink. As far as creating something unique for me, I'm pretty difficult with being specific in my requests. I'd seen she used a lot of Frida tiles and I adore Frida so I told her to use one if she can. The trays can also be painted or left in a natural wood state.

Would you like to see how my tray turned out?

I've made some tea and picked up some festive cookies just in case you stopped by hungry today. The tile combination is so pretty. Still typical or mexican talavera tiles but the colors are a bit unique from what you'd usually see.

I love the whimsy and absolute practicality these have. And they're incredibly sturdy, I don't feel like it'll break with regular use.

Especially with the time of year we're in, I wanted to share this shop as an option for gift giving, too. I know I would love to receive one as a gift. Paired with some cute mugs or a food gift set, it's a gift that inspires and continues to be useful.

If you'd like to check out The Cozy Casita, you can do so by clicking here to visit the Etsy shop. I've also included 3 of my personal favorites listed in her shop right now below:


I hope you enjoy these little shops I share with you and that you're having a wonderful holiday season. Make sure you check back for tomorrow's post- lot's of ideas for stocking stuffers coming your way!

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