Eclectic Bohemian Dining Room Plans Going Forward

It's New Year New Room Refresh Challenge time and I am so freaking excited. If you've been around for a minute or two here, you'll know I've started and stopped my dining room project more than a couple of times. I finally, finally have a clear vision for the space and it's happened perfectly in time for this challenge hosted by Casa Watkins Living. Envision a boho space with tropical and global elements woven throughout. The image in my head is perfect. And seeing it here in the design board has me giddy. Plants, pinks, wicker- what's not to love?

As with any space in my home, I like to have a little nod to the home itself. It's a 1950's build brick ranch, so I've opted to bring in a couple of mid century pieces. I like to balance the stiffness of mid century with the casual vibes wicker furniture has. On top of those two elements, I'm a summer loving, self proclaimed crazy plant lady. It was natural to let a bit of that slip into the space with the color scheme and fabulously tropical wallpaper. As always, my undying love for the Mediterranean, Middle East and South Asia has an influence in the pieces I gravitate towards. Here's the design board:

Global Bohemian Dining Room Design Board

Products featured in design board:




Peacock Chair

Pink Pouf

Rattan Bookcase

Pendant Light

Upholstered Chairs

Dining Table

Area Rug

Weekly To Do List:

week 1:

Clear Room


Thrift Furniture and Accessories

Rehome/Donate/Sell whatever isn't staying

week 2:

Touch up Paint

Refinish Table

Hang Curtains

week 3:

Hang Artwork

Assemble Furniture Placement

week 4:


Future Work:

Complete Trim Work Project

Re Stain Floors

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  1. I know this will look great. I've been wanting to see how you used that great pendant lamp. :)

  2. Loving that rug! Can't wait to see the whole thing!

  3. The rug is amazing and is really going to add some life to your space! I have similar dining chairs in our dining room and love them! I'm excited to see your refinished table, too!

  4. ooh, looks like a great mix--can't wait to see it come together!

  5. Looks beautiful Corinna, you have great style!

  6. Love all the natural woven elements and warm textures you're incorporating into the room! I'm a plant person myself, despite my brown thumb. Looking forward to seeing the revamped space in a few weeks!

  7. This new space is so you! Can't wait to see it!

  8. oooh girl! this is going to be good. This is so you and that rug is gorgeous!!!

  9. I love the plan, especially that light fixture--it's one of my favorites. Nothing wrong with being a crazy plant lady--they add so much life to a space and I always think rooms without plants look so sad. I think you and I have been talking about our dining rooms for about the same amount of time (2 years or so...). Cheers to finally getting them finished!

  10. It's going to look great, Corinna! I love that etagere! I found a huge one at an antiques mall a couple of weeks ago, but I had nowhere to put it, so I happily enjoyed it while browsing instead. One day though, I'll find a place for one! Can't wait to see your space come together!

  11. I'm so excited to see how this room will turn out!! So many great pieces in your mood board and I love that you add something inspired by the house itself. It's totally my makeover process too. ;)

  12. Corrinna,

    I love your inspiration board! The midcentry details are just amazing!! I can't wait to see the final design!


  13. I love your design plan! I have a similar rug and love it.


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