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Hand painted mural around the meural digital canvas
Digital picture frames. All our grandma's had them to display pictures of all the grandkids, right? Well, a company called Meural reached out to me wanting to send me one of their digital canvas frames. And it's way cooler than the ones I've seen before. I'll show you how I've incorporated mine into my decor and then I'll share my final thoughts on it.

Dramatic Digital Canvas

I've promised you my thoughts. I've had the frame for a few weeks now and here's what I've experiences. The hanging hardware isn't my favorite. The anchors are metal but the lip that presses into the wall is flimsy and both of mine cracked. I ended up using my own anchors. Also, as I mentioned in the video, the plug is very large. So make sure you aren't plugging it into a tight space. I appreciate that the cord is fabric covered but I still don't like looking at it. I think I'll invest in a cover for it.

Hand painted mural around the meural digital canvas

The selection of albums to choose from is massive. But as far as I've been able to figure out, you can't pick and choose photos from different albums to display in your own order. I played on the app and website and couldn't figure that out. Some albums had one or two photos that I loved but the rest just weren't vibing for me. I wasn't satisfied with my conclusion on this so I checked again (I promise I tried to figure this out multiple times), and I figured it out. Create a playlist in the menu to the left and then when you're viewing individual pieces, click on the "plus sign" to add it to the playlist you created. I did find a couple albums full of photos I love displaying and I love that it can be set to change automatically on a timer. So there's basically a new photo every time I come into the room.

Hand painted mural around the meural digital canvas

Hand painted mural around the meural digital canvas

Is it worth the money? I think that'll depend on the person. I've got art prints in my home much more expensive than this. And those are just prints. If you're a person that values versatility and enjoys the digital age, absolutely worth the money.

Should you find yourself interested in purchasing one of these digital canvases, you can use code "ADESIGNERATHOME" and it will take $50 off the purchase price :) And you can purchase one here.

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Dramatic Wall Art a creative way to make more of a basic frame. Global inspired hand painted shape accenting a digital canvas from @meetmeural #MeetMeural #BringCultureHome #ad

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