Hallway Update Inspiration

So I told you guys a while back that I had been working on some updates to the hallway I'd made over for the New Year New Room Refresh Challenge last year and everything kept getting put aside and half done. Now, today, the $100 Room Makeover Challenge starts and I'm pumped. This is the perfect kick in the butt to get the space finished.

Firstly, the white walls have to go. They are constantly getting scuffed and dinged and, let's be real, colored on because my 4.5 year old is relentless. I love the look of crisp white walls but I hate dirty looking walls more. I'd like to find a muted, sophisticated pastel color. I'm leaning towards coral and aqua for the color scheme because the runner rug is copper and green. And the reason I mention two colors is because I want to paint the doors, too. And Maybeee I'll do two tone. Or maybe I'll do monotone. I'm not committed either way yet.

Then I've got to seriously address the unbalanced distribution of light. One end is fairly well lit and the other is dark. I won't be running new electrical or anything like that but there is an outlet right where I need a second light so I think a plugin light will do perfectly.

I'll be reusing artwork. There's really no need to spend any money there.

The door knobs are up in the air. If there's budget to replace them, I'll do that. Last year I spray painted the original brass with oil rubbed bronze spray paint and it's gone horribly wrong. The paint is dinged up and completely come off of large areas of frequently used doors.

Here are some spaces I've pinned to my entrances and hallways Pinterest board that are majorly inspiring me with this makeover.

First and foremost, these doors, the embellishment and the color have me like-yes yes yes! I do think the budget prohibits adding any medallions to the doors (especially since there's a whopping 7 of them!) but I'm going to keep the idea tucked away and hope I can make it happen.

There's hardly a space with a juju hat that I don't adore, but beyond that I love the rug as a focus, the interesting light fixture and a console table to display decor and make the space feel less sterile and more part of the home.

And one more pin that's triggering some ideas for me is this one. It's definitely not the style I'm after but I'm wondering if I can find something similar in a moroccan style shape. That would be very cool for the beginning of the hallway to separate it from the living room.


To stretch the budget, I'm going to buy a second of the same inexpensive light that's in the hallway. I'm comfortable enough in my rewiring skills and I have professionals to consult about turning it into a plugin.

I have a lot of craft and DIY supplies and I think I'm going to attempt a DIY that will have the same feel as the bone inlay table in my moodboard.

I already own the runner featured and will continue to use it because I love it! If you love it, too, it's actually crazy inexpensive :)

The paint colors I will begin with checking out are Leisure Green and Peach Blossom by Benjamin Moore.

The framed art print is from Minted.

Best part of this makeover? There's a whole bunch of people making over spaces with just $100. Browse the spaces below and make sure to come back and tell me which ones you'll be following along with.


  1. Welcome to the challenge! I am so glad you decided to join. Love your ideas for this space! Can't wait to see how you DIY that table! Good luck!

  2. oh my gosh I love all this color. I cannot WAIT to see how it goes!

  3. I love your ideas, and cannot wait to see the actual space!

  4. Your inspiration is so cool and eclectic. I love it!

  5. Hey Corinna, looking forward to seeing the progress in your hallway!!

  6. I love everything about that design! The light, the rug, the colors - yes!

  7. Corinna!! I'm so glad you're in the challenge this round, too. Love your plans. Can't wait to see what you do. Love your style.

  8. I am really, really digging your color selections. I LOVE MINT and Coral!!! I Think the mint against that rug will be fabulous!!!!!!

  9. I love the peach and green combo. It's going to be beautiful!

  10. Great color combinations!!! Can't wait to see how it all comes together.

  11. Coral and aqua sounds delicious!! And I LOVE painted doors! I have some kelly green doors in my house that make me smile every day!


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