My Budget Boho Window Curtains

I receive a fair amount of comments on my Instagram from fellow boho babes wondering about the curtains I have hanging in my living room. Today, I'm going to answer the question in my quick and easy budget curtain resource guide. But before we jump into it, how much do you spend on curtains for your abode?

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Quick & Easy Bidget Curtain Resourse Guide

The curtains themselves are just inexpensive tapestries that I purchased through Amazon. The designs are all perfectly boho and they come in an array of flattering colors and patterns. You can get them in different sizes and even for large sixes meant to cover a queen or king sized bed is still really cheap.

My Budget Boho Window Curtains- Bohemian window treatments @adesignerathome

But since they're tapestries and not curtains, there's no loop or grommets to put it onto a curtain rod. I'm not a seamstress. I don't own a sewing machine and I'm not keen on hand sewing things when I don't have to.

The solution for that is also an Amazon buy. Curtain ring clips are perfect for hanging anything up on a rod that doesn't have loops (like drop cloths and sheets!). They open up the possibilities for window treatments nicely. I've used these in the past for regular curtains, too, to give them a bit more length and it makes sliding them open and closed much easier.


And if you don't have a rod, I'm in love with my double curtain rod. It allows me to layer curtains with tapestries for that layered boho look without multiple holes in the wall. I use them for the large set of windows in my living room so that I can have more light in the room with lace curtains and then when we need privacy or to be shielded some from the sun, I have the large tapestries that can easily be pulled closed.

But you could also do two layers for black out versus letting some light through or multiple tapestries for a truly collected look.

bohemian bedroom with tapestry curtain and headboard, hand dyed bedding, multi textures

It's really that simple! I hope this settles the question. I purchase super inexpensive tapestries mostly designed for draping over a bed or for hanging on the wall. I then add clip rings so that they'll hang from a curtain rod without having to worry about sewing or gluing loops.

What's your favorite resource for window curtains?


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Quick and Easy Budget Boho Curtain Resource Guide - @adesignerathome


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