Small Spaces: Starting A Bohemian Bedroom Makeover

It's been a long time since I've sat down and dedicated much energy to creating a sanctuary in my bedroom. Our bedroom should be a cozy space to re-energize. And I'm never anxious to spend any relaxing time in mine. I go in there just before bed, fall asleep and leave immediately in the morning. I envision a shelf of plants, pretty window dressings, darker walls and cozy bedding.


But we have to start somewhere right? Here's where I'm starting:




I'd like to paint my dresser white and the walls Ocean Abyss from the Behr Marquee line.


I'm also looking at doing layered window treatments. Roller bamboo blinds, a dainty white valance and curtains. I've been gaga for these ones from Simply Chi.



I'd also love to replace the nightstands with a matching pair. I've had my eye on these ones for a while.


And in case you missed it in the photos above... I need a light fixture in here. I'm loving this one:


What do you think of the direction I'm going with this space? Any recommendations based on what I've shared? I'm thinking feminine global anthro inspired. Be well!

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