Swooning For Suzani

I think it's safe to say that my all time favorite fabric is suzani. The embroidered details and endless color combinations make my inner queen gleam! To bring in a little of this global detail into your home, explore some of these ideas for decorating with the textile:

global boho

Dress up your bed in suzani style. You could go all out and get a set that includes the bed cover and shams. Or you could add a small punch with a smaller suzani over the foot of the bed.

suzani bedding

Queen Bed Cover with Pillow Cases | Twin Bed Cover | Bed Pillow Cover

Or dress up a dining space by adorning the table with a suzani embroidered table cloth. Imagine how exotic the flair these colors will add to any table.

suzani table cover

Table Cover | Table Cover

And then you could jazz up every seating situation possible. The sofa, a bench, a lone chair, all the chairs or a pile on the floor. These throw pillows would brighten up any spot.

suzani pillow

Throw 1 | Throw 2 | Throw 3

suzani pillow2

Throw 1 | Throw 3 | Throw 3

Are you team suzani or do you have a different favorite fabric? I'd say it sure beats chevron!


  1. We have a big puff pillow that we like to sit on in our living room - very similar to these - and we love it!

  2. Yeah, this was so so cute looking. I like the Suzani style. Color combination also marvelous. I like the bed dressing ideas you too. The throw pillows are indeed so brightening. My browsing purpose was to grab some great design and fabric ideas on the pillowcase for body pillow but was really charmed with what you gifted for us.


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