Fall Boho Photo A Day Challenge

We're coming up on that exciting time again! #ShowMeYourBoho runs all the time but four times a year, we get extra and do a month long photo a day challenge. The next challenge starts September 1st and will have 30 different prompts and 30 different guest hosts. That's a lot of chances to meet fantastic new accounts and to join in on Instagram photo fun.

I know what you want to know- who are the guest hosts and what are the prompts!?

Don't worry, I'm not about to keep you in the dark.

September boho photo a day challenge is all about the change of seasons. You may immediately start thinking about pumpkin spice and everything nice, but let's not forget our friends down south- they're headed into Spring! So while you're encouraged to get your Fall love on, be sure to pop in on the hashtag feed for all kinds of rad inspiration.


September 1

Prompt: Embellish Guest Host: @kelli_e_collins

September 2

Prompt: Earthy Guest Host: @chateau_par_la_mer

September 3

Prompt: Foliage Guest Host: @sadies_lovely_life

September 4

Prompt: Handicrafts Guest Host: @dawnpdx

September 5

Prompt: Do-It-Yourself Guest Host: @the.hectic.eclectic

September 6

Prompt: Bar Cart Styling Guest Host: @spencer.monk

September 7

Prompt: Heirloom Guest Host: @handmadesanctuary

September 8

Prompt: Sofa Styling Guest Host: @thethriftyhippie

September 9

Prompt: Thrift Guest Host: @9vintagegirlfinds

September 10

Prompt: Reflect Guest Host: @fleeting_interest

September 11

Prompt: Cozy Guest Host: @bohemianinkdesign

September 12

Prompt: Textiles Guest Host: @eva.loyola

September 13

Prompt: Vintage Guest Host: @luvewant

September 14

Prompt: Dining Guest Host: @casawatkinsblog

September 15

Prompt: Happy Corner Guest Host: @basketheadvintage

September 16

Prompt: Vignette Guest Host: @gianna.fofanna

September 17

Prompt: Floors Guest Host: @vkadventurehome

September 18

Prompt: Plants Guest Host: @the_decor_adobe

September 19

Prompt: Relax Guest Host: @theplantgirlathome

September 20

Prompt: Art Guest Host: @blissfully_eclectic

September 21

Prompt: Family Guest  @thejonesfix

September 22

Prompt: Seasonal Guest Host: @_sare_xo

September 23

Prompt: Refresh Guest Host: @preppybohemianathome

September 24

Prompt: Global Guest Host: @yourpalmalx

September 25

Prompt: Layers Guest Host: @craveinteriors

September 26

Prompt: Pillows Guest Host: @eclectic.leigh

September 27

Prompt: Leaves Guest Host: @valerietylercollection

September 28

Prompt: Color Guest Host: @designdoctorkristin
September 29

Prompt: Comfort Guest Host: @cassie_bustamante

September 30

Prompt: Treat Guest Host: @themamaboheme


The rules are simple. On each day, post a photo to your account following the theme with the hashtag #showmeyourboho. If you'd like to be considered for a feature, follow @thebohoabode and the guest host of the day, include the hashtag, and make sure your profile is public so we can see the photo. Most important of all, have fun. If you miss a day, don't fret. If a prompt doesn't jive with you, skip it. I want you to feel inspired to post and to have fun with Instagram.

Questions? Comments? Please leave them in the comment form below so we can get this thang going!

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