12 totally unique DIY halloween decorations

Halloween can get pretty repetitive with the orange, green and black. The classic decorations come back every year. But Halloween decorating can be so much more creative than that! From themes to unique DIY Halloween decorations, here are five ways you can break free from the usual decorating mold and have something truly unique:

12 DIY Halloween Decorations Ideas

These ideas range from full blown themed displays-homes to a simple idea to incorporate here and there. I hope they inspire you to take on the fun task of DIY Halloween decorations this year and next to create your own unique Halloween decorated spaces.

1. Masquerade Themed Fireplace Mantle

I've never seen a Halloween themed this good before. It suits to mysteriousness that comes with Halloween without being cutesy and boring. It's Halloween all grown up with serious style. Find more photos and ideas to get the look at Domicile 37.

Via Domicile 37 DIY halloween decorations


2. Vintage Glam Halloween Decorating Ideas

Most people don't pair "vintage glam" with "Halloween" but what a beautiful vignette it creates, amiright? The muted tones and pops of metallic are an ultra stylish way of welcoming the season and holiday. I love the combination of that glam bunting and the rustic cheesecloth. Visit Number Fifty Three blog for more photos and ideas.

number-fifty-three-vintage-glam-halloween DIY halloween decorations


3. A No-Mantle Potions themed Halloween vignette

Sure, witches are part of traditional Halloween decor, but this high contrast black on white makes it a modern and fresh. Fill in the surrounding space with creepy, witchy details and you have a multi sensory vignette. I know how hard it can be to fill in the space around a vignette to give it more presence and her solution was really, really good. Visit Remodelando la Casa for details on the backdrop and more photos.

Via Remodelando La Casa DIY halloween decorations


4. Decomposing Composers themed Halloween Decor Inspiration

Another wildly creative theme perfectly suited for the Halloween spirit. Decomposing composers, because we love thinking about dead people this time of year, right? This theme came together with easy details and you can catch it all at Boxy Colonial.

Via Boxy Colonial DIY halloween decorations


5. A Boho Eclectic Maximalist Halloween Mantle

It was the first Halloween I had a mantel to decorate with and color, plants and general boho maximalistic tendencies were about. It goes to show you how switching in just a few key pieces can take your regular decor from season to holiday easily.

Via A Designer At Home DIY halloween decorations

6. Trick Or Treat Halloween Mantel

Maybe you're a fan of the traditional Halloween decor? It can still look stylish without looking like it came straight from the plastic-palooza section at your local store. Adding in a few creative, handmade elements and vintage pieces makes it personal and beautiful. Just check out all the things Thoughts from Alice did to pull together this one of a kind mantel.

Trick-or-Treat-Halloween-Mantel-Decorating-thoughts-from-alice DIY halloween decorations

7. Dead and Breakfast Halloween Porch

I love a good play on words, especially when it's the start of an epic Halloween themed porch. This beats any Halloween sign I've seen in any store, ever. If they're serving breakfast and there's a vacancy, why not take the chance? lol. Cassie Bustamante shares her Halloween porch decorated and there's loads of inspiration besides the sign you should check out.

Halloween-Porch-Dead-And-Breakfast-Sign-cassie-bustamante DIY halloween decorations

8. Candy Corn Halloween Mantel

If you're keen on keeping themed Halloween decor a bit simpler and maybe kid friendlier, why not base it on the classic Halloween candy staple- Candy Corn! The orange, yellow and white colors make for a cheerful display of Halloween spirit. For all the ideas on achieving this look, visit Newly Woodwards.

Halloween-Mantel-NewlyWoodwards4-candy-corn DIY halloween decorations

9. Spooky Outdoor Halloween Decorations

If spook is your thing for Halloween, but you still have kids you don't want to freak out, this front porch accomplishes the perfect balance. From creepy crawlies and spider webs, to playful Halloween signs and ghostly forests, Craftivity Designs shares how to get the look quite easily (you at least HAVE to pop over for the genius way she got the window decor!)

spooky-halloween-decorations-craftivity-designs-window DIY halloween decorations


10. Gothic Baroque Mirror & Sideboard

Going back to the darker side of Halloween decor, this moody gothic baroque decorated sideboard is like Halloween all grown up. Besides pulling together some fairly standard Halloween decor, you can also make the amazing mirror with PMQ for two's tutorial.

DIY-Halloween-Mirror-gothic-baroque-pmqfortwo DIY halloween decorations

11. Peek-A-Boo Pumpkin Halloween Porch -Blue i Style

Greet passerby's and trick or treators with a stadium of jack o lanterns. This creative take on jack o lanterns is not only fun, but they'll last forever. Paired with unexpected peacock feather wreaths, this porch is definitely in my top 12 Halloween things to recreate on day. Visit Blue i Style for more pictures and to see the extra fun thing she did with those jack o lanterns.

Blue i Style - Front Porch Halloween Decorations Wreath JackOLanterns DIY halloween decorations

12. Snake Wreath Tutorial

Add some creep factor to your Halloween porch or mantel with a wreath filled with snakes! This one especially struck me because I'm sure there would be at least one friend or parent freaked out by the fake snakes. Find out how to make one for yourself at Up To Date Interiors.

Up To Date Interiors DIY Halloween Snake Wreath DIY halloween decorations

Be sure to check all 12 of these Halloween ideas out. There's still time to pull in a fun last minute detail or two. Creating your own DIY Halloween decorations is a fun way to enjoy the season. Better yet, you can visit each of them and pin them on Pinterest for next year. I hope you are enjoying this change in season and are having some fun decorating for Halloween. Be well, we'll chat again soon.


  1. Thanks for sharing mine! There are so many great ideas floating around out there this year....wheels are already turning for next year (you know, until tomorrow, when I have to start thinking Christmas ;))

  2. these are all SO fun! i LOVE the tree in the window- what a great idea!!!!


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