Autumn Bar Cart: Kilim Pumpkin Autumn Art Print

Hello there my beautiful boho babes! The end of summer is gone, Halloween is gone, are we diving into Christmas decor? If you're wanting to take a bit longer to enjoy the autumnal vibes, I've created a collection of kilim pumpkin printables with matching typography. These are an awesome boho vintage vibe to them and the kilim colors are perfect for an assortment of styles. Here's how I used mine to style my Autumn Bart Cart:

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Vintage Boho Autumn Bar Cart

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Autumn Rattan Bart Cart with Free Kilim Art Print

The transition from my Halloween bar cart to autumnal bar cart is simple and keeps Thanksgiving in mind. I kept out a few pumpkins but have mostly dedicated the cart to holding libations for guests. My cacti glasses are on top the radio and I've added a bottle of wine with my DIY felt and tassel wine bottle charms (perfect for a hostess gift!).


And candy, of course, because you never want people getting grumpy while waiting on food to be served. This window gets a ton of late day son so the plants are always at home here and don't get moved, even for the holidays.



It'll be easy to once again transition to Christmas decor by swapping out the pumpkins, gourd and art. This time of year moves so fast that I don't like to do excessive decorating for each holiday. There's just a little too much to be getting done to also set aside time to completely redecorate a mantel, bar cart and front door but I think these few items pack enough of a punch to feel festive.

If you want to get your hands on a pumpkin kilim printable, they're available free for newsletter subscribers or, for just a dollar, you can buy them in my shop.


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I'm not going to sit here and pretend that I don't have any Christmas decor out yet, because I totally do. I'm just taking my time pulling all the things out so I don't burn out. So far I've been stocking up on different sized gift bags because I already don't feel like wrapping anything. And bottle brush trees from the Target dollar spot and light up metallic trees from the dollar store because those are pretty amazing for mantel decorating.

I'm not sure yet what the plan is for Thanksgiving. Normally I just go to whatever family members house I'm expected at. But I'm vegan and even the corn and greenbeans get embellished and/or cooked in animal product. I'd rather just sleep that whole day away, but we will see. I hope you enjoy this look at my simple boho autumn bar cart and that you take a moment to get the art print. Be well!

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