Bohemian Stocking Stuffer Ideas

If you've got a free spirit in your life, you know that their interests are off the beaten track. And while each person is going to have their own unique tastes and preferences, this list is going to be a perfect starting point to gift shopping for them. This time of year is all about being selfless and thinking of others. Your bohemian is going to appreciate that you went out of your way to gift them something unique and meaningful so let's jump into the list.

Bohemian Stocking Stuffer Ideas

These items are small enough to slip into most stockings. But you could also turn them into small gifts- perfect for friends, sisters, brothers and everyone else. Because let's face it, we almost always have more people we want to gift to than we have the funds for. Here are all the items I could think of that would be perfect for the boho babe.

Incense - My favorite is Nag Champa. I've been buying it since my hippie days in head shops and now I buy it from the comfort of my home on Amazon. If you know your bohemian's favorite scent you can get that but if you're looking for a favorite among the masses, this one is fantastic.

Crystals - Many bohemians believe in the healing powers of crystals. Even if your bohemian doesn't, they're sure to appreciate the naturally occurring beauty as a light reflecting accent in their home. This set of three would be nice for one person or split for 3 different people.

Precious Stones - Along the same lines, precious stones are also sure to be a bohemian pleaser. Your bohemian may have specific stones missing from a collection and this is the perfect time of year to help them fill it in. And if they don't, this set makes a nice starter.

Bracelets - Not only do bohemians embellish their worlds, but they oftentimes embellish themselves, too. This copper cuff would make a simple jewelry gift. You can support fair trade with this rose quartz bracelet or keep it budget friendly with this charged rose quartz bracelet. And it's hard to go wrong with a turquoise embellished cuff. You could also gift other kinds of jewelry but you'll want to make sure they're in a box so they don't snag the stocking or get tangled.

Scarf - For those of us in the northern hemisphere, things are getting cold this time of year. A warm scarf is perfect for stuffing into a stocking. This colorful scarf has fun tassel embellishments. Or spend a little more for a fair trade scarf like this one. Got a southern hemisphere bohemian? Try this lightweight scarf with tassels they can use as an accessory.

Mitten - Speaking of cold weather accessories, a set of nice gloves or mittens would be a perfect addition to a bohemians accessories.

Wooden hair brush - Bohemians love natural materials so why not gift them a wooden hair brush? This set includes a brush and two combs. Or you could gift a brush like this floral painted one or a detangling comb would fit into a stocking nicely.

Journal - A totally versatile gift that can be used for note keeping, shopping lists, writing stories, journaling, doodling and whatever else your giftee can dream up on paper. This one has a really colorful ikat design to the cover. Astronomy loving bohemians will love the cover on this one. And this set of two contains a gold stripe and cute jungle themed print.

Lip balm - Everyone can enjoy a good lip balm especially with the dry winter air. This set comes from the amazing Dr. Bronner's brand which makes it an ethical stocking stuffer. You can also support small handmade shops by trying out this innovative eco-tube lip balm or try this set of festive flavored balms.

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Unique Socks - I adore my Turkish socks and definitely think their thickness makes them suitable as lightweight house slippers and perfect for fitting into a stocking. These ones have a beautiful black and white design. And these ones are fun and colorful.

Tea light holder - Give them something to set on their bedside table for some ambiance. This tealight holder will cast a pretty design on the wall and this one will release negative ions. Both are small enough to slip into a stocking or make a great accessory gift to a set of tealights. If you're working with a tight budget, there are oftentimes cute tealight holders and lanterns at the dollar store.

Candle - Candles are a great way to give a gift that introduces either a favorite scent to a friend or a brand that you want your bohemian to know about. This candle is hand poured by a small shop based out of California and has tons of other unique scents. And this one comes in a colorful tin.

Watch - I think a wooden watch makes a great gift for everyone on the list and have even separately compiled a list of 35 wood watches under $35 so you can browse wood tones, designs, different face plate options and sizes.

Jewelry dish - We've already chatted jewelry, why not include a little dish to put the jewelry on at the end of the day? I know I tend to take my jewlery off in multiple spots around my home so having a cute little jewelry dish like this elephant one or this embellished peacock one would make keeping them corralled much easier.

Unique writing tools - To go with the notepad, or to be gifted alone for use in their favorite notebooks, unique pens/pencils and markers encourage the creativity of a bohemian. This pen is made to look like bamboo, this one is gold and shaped like a hexagon, a gold fountain pen is always fun to play with, and this set of colored pens would be great for the color coordinated list maker and coloring book junkie. Twig pencils and colored pencils are also a whimsical touch.

Ceramic measuring spoons - Even if your bohemian isn't doing much more than scooping sugar into a mug, a set of painted ceramic measuring spoons is a gorgeous addition to their kitchen supplies that they can keep out proudly on display. These wood ones are cute, too.

Tea infusers - These are small, inexpensive and easy to slip into a stocking. If there's extra room in the stocking, you could slip in a small tin of loose tea for them to try, too. The basic tea infuser is just stainless mesh, but this one is shaped like a heart and I love that.

Spoon rest - For the avid cook, an interesting spoon rest could add some cheeriness to the cooking routine. This turquoise hand painted spoon rest is made in Turkey by artisans. And this one is handcrafted in Mexico in talavera style. If you're shopping for multiple people, this white owl spoon rest set is very cute.

Essential oil - Little bottles of essential oils are a perfect little gift for slipping into stockings or buy a set and gift the box. Oils I think could be especially beneficial this time of year are germ fighter for warding off winter colds, frankincense for clarity through the darker days, energy because I know I sure want to hibernate through winter, and grapefruit to shake off winter blues.

Coffee mug - This one is unique and probably unlike anything they've already got in their collection. This one will add some fiesta color to their morning cup. And a set of two helps check off two people with one purchase.

Wine bottle stopper - Small and totally useful little gifts a wine bottle stopper makes. These ones have a Mexican tile look to them. And the turned wood of these ones leaves it with a really eye catching design. Probably my favorite are these crystal and precious stone wine bottle stoppers.

Bluetooth speaker - Music is an easy favorite for a lot of people but putting in a speaker in every room of the house can be expensive. Let your bohemian take their music anywhere with a portable bluetooth speaker. This one has enhanced bass and FM radio capability as well as a built in mic so phone calls and voice commands can be use through the speaker. And this one is a nightlight, speaker and planter pot all in one. I know you're intrigued with that one- haha.

Seeds - Speaking of planters, why not slip in some seeds in their stocking? They could plant them indoors or it'll be something they can look forward to in the spring. This mix could be good for someone wanting to experiment with edibles. And this one could be interesting to the foraging type bohemian.

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So there you have it! Alongside the usual things you can tuck into a stocking, these would be fantastic additions for the bohemian in your life. It's a little bit hippie, little bit boho and all totally practical goods. I've tried to give a few options for each category but feel free to take the ideas and shop elsewhere. If you appreciate what you've found here today and want to support this blog, do your shopping through my Amazon affiliate link so the commission can go towards my hosting fees. Whatever you decide to do, I hope the holidays are a joy for you and those in your life.

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  1. Great ideas! I would especially love getting EOs and things like scarves, bracelets, and stoppers? Things I'd love and use, but wouldn't necessarily think to buy for myself.

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!


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