The Boho Abode Halloween Home Tour

The season of darker days with the cool crisp feeling in the air. It ushers in a familiar spooky feeling that mysteriously blows in with the dropping temperatures. Our home feels as if a foreboding blanket has been pulled over it. The lighting is different. It creates an ambiance of coziness but yet there a touch of something ominous. Halloween is coming. It's fun to dress the home up with cheerful nods to the holiday and we've let it sweep through our home. It's a nice distraction from the gloom that settles in around us.
Halloween decorating has to be budget friendly for us because we are a family on a budget. Since the decor only comes out for a short time during the year, it doesn't get a priority in planning funds. Thankfully I use that to plan decor for the future year with clearance buys after the holiday. Last year I picked up a few new finds that debuted in the decorating this year so there are new displays to see. For the most part, the decor is all from the dollar store though. I'll make sure I point out the various different things I picked up from there so you can see how I use those items to create a bigger decorating experience.

Decorating The Boho Living Room For Halloween

I already enjoying swapping pillows in and out each week for fun but I especially enjoy when holidays come around because then I can do themed combinations. For this month I'm doing the skull pillow case that I bought from Amazon (affiliate link) with two neutral fringe pillows I received from Gordmans a few years ago, the D+K Renewal mudcloth lumbar, and two suzani inspired embroidered pillows also from Amazon (affiliate link). Honestly, I just put the pillow cases over other throw pillows that don't have removable covers. 

Crows "landed" in a few plants and on lamps, bats are taking off from all over, and lots of the usual decor has been replaced by spookier pieces. The mantel decor has been moved around some to accommodate skulls and pumpkins on candlesticks. And my usual pink pillar candles are now orange (both colors from the dollar store and they both smell lovely both burning and not). And the final touch is swapping out my usual green and coral botanical printed throw blanket with this black and white aztec pattern one. 

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Simply Spooky Halloween Bohemian Dining Room Decorating

The dining room ended up getting the most attention this year. While I do have more decor in the living room, it's all older stuff that I've displayed for a few years in a row and I know how I like them displayed. For the dining room, I ended up buying a set of orange bowls, grey plates and black glasses from the dollar store to make a simple Halloween tablescape. I created a spooky Nightmare Before Christmas inspired vase with clippings from the creepiest vines I have to propagate. It looks like they're crawling out to take over the table. The dishes feel very appropriate for the season, too. I may just pick up a different plate to go with these same orange bowls for Thanksgiving. And then I set a flock of bats loose over the bar cart and china cabinet. 

Dollar Store Halloween Bathroom Decorating Idea

The bathroom is still coming up in it's final stages of the redecorating project I started so I kept is very simple with a battery powered light up house on the one shelf up above the toilet and a few bats beside the mirror. 

Decorating A Boho Kid's Room For Halloween

My son requested I decorate his room, too, for Halloween this year. Being his mom is always pretty cool. I took the liberty of swapping out his dinosaur night lamp with a light up plastic jack o' lantern. I picked up some special black glitter bat cut outs and mixed in a couple of the foam bat cuts outs to fly through his colorful boho gallery wall. A couple of small figurines rounded things out. The space is quite fun! If he wants his room decorated again next year, I think I'll take him decor shopping with me so he can be more involved in the process. 

Relaxed Bohemian Halloween Decorating In A Bedroom

Because we don't spend as much of our awake time in the bedroom, I chose to put very little in here. My thrift store Cheshire cat tealight candle holder makes an appearance every Halloween. I am a big Alice In Wonderland franchise fan and having this piece is especially neat since I've never been able to afford any of the official merchandise. A few spare bats fly over the bed, too.\

My Halloween decorating efforts are definitely more relaxed but I think you still get a lot of bang for your buck with these really fast and inexpensive decorating ideas with items from the dollar store. Knowing how to work smaller pieces into your existing decor can make the whole display feel much bigger than it really is just because larger pieces pull in more attention. 

I hope you have enjoyed seeing how I work Halloween decor into my existing bohemian home state. It's a lot of taking out pieces of decor and replacing them with the Halloween pieces instead of adding more on top of what I already keep out. And spending the few dollars on bags of foam bat cut outs really added something special to ever home of the house. I think that was my favorite part this year. What was your favorite part? Be sure to let me know in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you!

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