Posts Of Christmas Past

I have blogged through 6 Holiday seasons so far and that means I have 6 years worth of Christmas posts to view in the archives. The best part is I still love and use so many of those projects! From woodland themed to global style, I have projects and ideas you'll love to incorporate in your holiday decorating this year. Today I'm going to take you on the blogger version of the Ghosts Of Christmas Past and take you on my Posts Of Christmas Past.

Christmas Trees:

First and foremost, you do not have to have an expensive tree to have a beautiful tree. I have always used cheap Christmas trees and for most years I had dirt cheap faux trees. Here are my tips for getting the most out of those budget trees. Once you've got your tree as full and luxurious looking as possible, let's add some style to it.

A Globally Boho Christmas Tree 2015 

Colorful Eclectic Christmas Tree 2016

Whimsical Christmas Tree 2017


I've shared many different do it yourself ornaments and even a garland one year. I love making ornaments because it's a fun way to spend time creatively and they add a one of a kind touch to a tree. All of these ornaments can be customized to fit your color scheme and style. 

Glitter Twig Ornament Tutorial

Gold Leaf Agate Ornament Tutorial

Cinnamon Scented Owl Ornament Tutorial

Evil Eye Talisman Ornament Tutorial

Handira Wedding Blanket Inspired Ornament Tutorial

Mexican Felt Craft Inspired Ornament Tutorial

Rustic Handmade Burlap Garland Tutorial

Home Tours:

Once the tree is decorated, we can move on to decorating the rest of the home. I've shared ideas for decorating the living, dining and bedrooms of the house. Going even further in the past, I've shared ideas for the kitchen too but I'll have to dig those posts up from archives on another computer.

Colorful Eclectic Christmas Home Tour 2016

A Bohemian Christmas Inspiration

Boho Style Winter Eclectic Home Tour 2017

Colorfully Eclectic Holiday Mantel


To deck those mantels, I've shared a mudcloth stocking tutorial (though they are mostly decorative) and here is my boho stocking stuffer ideas list. And here is my stocking stuffers for every member of a family guide.

Holiday Cards:

If you find yourself running behind on cards and want something to print at home, here are some free printable holiday cards that I created 3 years ago. And if all you can send to loved one this year is a card, make it extra special with these card stuffer ideas

Gift Guides:

And finally, quite possibly the hardest part of this season, the gift shopping. I have loads of different shopping guides focused on everything from 5 year olds to supporting small businesses to last minute gifts and gifts for when you just don't know what else to buy. Try out my budget friendly botanical gift wrap idea to wrap those presents!

Last Minute Gifts On Amazon

Great Gifts For 5 Year Olds

Support Small Businesses Shopping Guide

When You Don't Know What To Gift Someone

2015 Gift Guide For The Homebody

2016 Gift Guide For The Homebody

And that wraps up everything I have to share from the blog archives (at least the ones I have access to right now). I hope you find inspiration that you enjoy within the posts linked above. And stay tuned! There are more Holiday blog posts coming this week!

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