Boho Valentine's Day Dinner Table Setting

One of my favorite ways of decorating for smaller holidays like Valentine's day is simply by putting together a dinner table setting. It's a simple gesture that can be enjoyed multiple nights throughout the month. This Valentine's day decorating idea would make a great table setting for an intimate dinner for two and for a dinner party of multiple guests. Just add or take away as many plates as you need to accommodate your dinner. I've set a boho Valentine's Day dinner table setting to enjoy the season of dwelling on and celebrating love and I hope you'll do the same.
This post contains affiliate links to products. The wine glasses were gifted from Mbare.

Whether or not you do a lot to celebrate valentine's day, heck maybe you just ignore it altogether, it can be a fun time to explore ways of showing the people we love that we love them! Enjoying a meal together is a great way to show someone you love them. Order or make a favorite meal and serve it at a dinner table set for Valentine's day and it's extra special.

Valentine's day is one of those holidays that seem to be falling to the wayside for me. I just don't do much to celebrate it and I don't go out of my way to do anything specifically on the actual day. I more so look at the whole month as a time for reflecting on love. Ways I can show my friends, husband, family, and myself love. Since eating a meal is something done daily, I do take the time to dress the table in a Valentine's theme.

I like to layer the table with a pretty pink and purple flower shaped tapestry for a feminine touch. I like to use tapestries as tablecloths because they're inexpensive so I can have a lot of them on hand. I also love them because they come in a variety of fun colors so I can coordinate with my moods and the holidays. And for the chargers, I use woven chargers for an earthy balance.

I'm using my dollar store plates as the base as I usually do since they're pretty, sturdy, and dirt cheap. For the napkins, I've upgraded to a pretty grey set from Target. And atop the napkins, I found the "love you" plates from Target. They're melamine which is really not my favorite material for dishware but it actually works for holidayware like this since they aren't likely to break in storage.

For the centerpiece, I'm using an earthenware vase filled with pretty lilies. The lilies are a mauvey rose color and it compliments the turquoise color of the vase. Flanking either side of the vase are wooden candlesticks with simple white tapers. Flickering candles are a romantic and simple way of setting the mood. I like mixing the wood candlestick holders with the colorful vase for an informal feel to the table. The candles are inexpensive tapers from the dollar store. I just love the glow they add to a good conversation and tasty food.

I spread out a pound of rough rose quartz because it's the stone of love after all! As the crystal of unconditional love, I usually like to use it in the bedroom. But for the same reasons I use it there, it also makes a great Valentine's stone.

Does a conversation piece get any cooler than rainbow silverware? Maybe it's the kid in me at heart but I haven't been able to stop thinking about this since I first came across them. Sure gold is romantic and pretty. But you'll be unforgettable if you set the table with this set of silverware.

Another unique element to the table are the animal stem wine glasses. They're from Mbare, handmade in Swaziland with recycled glass. Each glass has a different animal in the stem but they're sold individually so you could do a set of whichever your favorite animal is or do the mix like I have here.

The last detail I added to the table are the brass snails holding messages of "I Love You" in different languages. I chose Spanish, Tagalog, Turkish and French because they're the languages I am familiar with but you could use google translate to create messages in any assortment of languages.

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Recreate the design or pick and choose your favorite elements to add to your own table.
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For the people who hate Valentine's day? Well, at least it's the shortest month of the year. I think the commercialism of it can be overwhelming, but focusing on this as a time for loving the people around us and ourselves can make it more enjoyable. I can't wait to enjoy a meal here with my little family and I hope you've found ideas to make the holiday special for you and your loved ones.

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