A sneak peek update for The Boho Lounge ORC

I almost had the room completed in time for the One Room Challenge reveal. Honestly, if I hadn't goofed my scheduling with Spring Break I totally would've had this in the bag! But it's okay. In just a few more days I will have the last few details in place and will have the styled photos to share. For now, I want to share what all has been done since last week's check-in.

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A lot changed from Week 4 to this week. I changed a pretty big part of my original design plan which was to use the bottom of the china cabinet as a buffet and to install shelves above it for my bar glasses. When I started to commit to the idea of listing the top of the hutch for sale, ideas of keeping it and repurposing it started flooding my mind. So I took to searching the web and that's where I ended up on last week's update.

This past week I started working on that idea, finished painting an accent table, moved the furniture back in to the space, tried and failed with a new curtain system, went back to the drawing board and tried a DIY solution, touched up paint, purchased the cushion for the roadside papasan chair find, selected plants to go in to the space, added macrame fringe to a wicker table, and decorated. Also, there was a lot of life happening in the middle of all of that. To say I'm exhausted would be an understatement. Here's where things are looking courtesy of my Instagram stories.

So really I just need to get the curtain rods up and I am just waiting for the paint and glue to dry on those. Once that's done, I can finish tweaking the pieces in the room and get it styled and ready to use. Honestly, though, Zen couldn't be bothered in the least bit. She's already claimed her spot in the room.

And here's an honest to goodness look at The Boho Lounge in the midst of trying to pull it together last minute:

Alright then, I'm going to get back to trying to pull this space together before getting sucked into a different project so I'm going to leave this here. Please make sure to check back later this week to catch the reveal of the finished space. I am on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin, and even Amino so follow me wherever you most love to interact and keep up with friends and let me know in the comments where I can find you so I can come follow and befriend you on your favorite platforms, too.

There are loads of guest participant reveals happening today for the One Room Challenge so make sure to visit the link up and check them out.

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