Repurposed China Cabinet Hutch To Bar Cabinet

I've decided on a very, very last minute design change to The Boho Lounge. We are cutting it so stinking close to the end of The One Room Challenge and it's kind of the worst time to make changes to the space but I am inspired and I just have to see this project through. Originally I was going to use the bottom half of the china cabinet as a bar cabinet in this space. Now I'm thinking I'm going to use the bottom half in the living room. And I'll use the top half as a bar cabinet in The Boho Lounge.
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I imagine this project being really simple. It's just a matter of attaching legs. I've seen a few cabinets made over this way. Like this curio cabinet by Just The Woods, this hutch turned cabinet by The Weathered Door, here are two hutch tops turned cabinet by Christina Faye Repurposed. I did my research before assuming this was going to be the simplest project in the world. I am still convinced this is the simplest project in the world.

Mostly I found a lot of shabby and farmhouse style pieces and not so many in the vintage midcentury style I prefer. I did find some cabinets on Etsy that really inspire me-
Mid Century Display Cabinet With Glass
Broyhill Brasilia Display Cabinet
Mid Century Display Cabinet
And I suspect at least one of those was originally attached to a bottom. I've seen legs exactly like one of those linked above at Lowe's before.

Detaching the top of the china cabinet from the bottom was probably the hardest part of the process. The screws were in some hard to reach places behind drawers and I had to use ratchet tool. The tool kept slipping off the flat head screws. I am really glad it's become more standard to use Phillips head nowadays. Flathead screws are always a pain, at least for me they are.

Here's what the china cabinet looked like before it's makeover:

A tangent: In my quest to find a style of furniture leg that would suit the top of my china cabinet, I discovered the fact that furniture leg socks exist. And they're actually pretty cute!

Anyways, I found many different styles of furniture legs. There were actually way more different styles than I was anticipating finding. I knew quickly I was going to have a hard time choosing just one to go with. These are the ones I thought would not only look good with the hutch, but it will amplify it and make it look like it was supposed to be a cabinet all along. I made some mock-ups of what the hutch will roughly look like with each of them to make the process easier. Let me know your favorites in the comments below!

Testing Different Styles Of Furniture Legs

Clear Acrylic Furniture Leg

Basic Wood Leg

Black Hairpin Furniture Legs

Mid Century Style Furniture Leg

Tapered Brass Furniture Legs

Tapered Brushed Brass Furniture Leg

There are really so many options to choose from for this kind of project. Many of them didn't have images I could make mockups with even though I really love them, like this brushed brass Italian style furniture leg. But I think you get the gist of it. I like the mid-century modern style legs for this piece. It just works since it is part of an authentic midcentury Broyhill china cabinet. I don't know if I like the wood, brass, or black finish the most though!

Here are some other really fabulous furniture legs:

And here's the china cabinet top transformed into a bar cabinet:

I had everyone vote for which leg they most liked in my Instagram stories and the Tapered Brushed Brass Furniture Leg and Mid Century Style Furniture Leg ones were getting all the votes! I chose to go with the Mid Century Style Furniture Leg because it was the most natural looking. I've got my heart stuck on those brass ones though, maybe another project will come soon featuring those!

If you attempt to recreate this project, make sure the legs you choose either come with mounting plates or are mounted in a way that doesn't need a mounting plate. Or just be sure to pick up mounting plates, too.

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Alright, that's it for what's going on this week for the One Room Challenge here at The Boho Abode. The space still looks practically the same because it's just been a lot of painting going on but the furniture is coming back in the space tomorrow so I'm really excited! Make sure to stop back by next week for the reveal of The Boho Lounge.


  1. They all look great! I love the look of both the brass legs.

  2. I like the brass and the mid century best

  3. This is such a great idea! I was wondering what the plan for the top of the hutch was going to be. Now- you will have two pieces of furniture

  4. What a great post for leg info. I had pondered the option of lifting the buffet in the landing with legs but finally went another direction. Now I'm thinking I must find another piece for another place and use your great ideas. Love your choices and your cabinet!!

  5. What a great idea! I would not have thought of re-purposing a hutch this way!

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