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A few years ago, I created a blog post all about my favorite resource for bohemian style pillows. Today I'm finally confident in sharing a reliable source for beautifully bohemian style rugs. Rugs are one of my favorite layers to designing a room. I can't imagine a room without a rug in my world. And even for a style that's usually curated through travel and thrift shops, there's still a way for us bohemian homebodies to get the look that fuels our soul.

This post is a collaborative post with Rugs.com. Recently, I discovered Rugs.com and their expansive selection of beautiful rugs in every style for notably good pricing. After a couple of hours of browsing options, I decided to reach out to see if they would be open to sponsoring the update to the rug situation in our living room.

Our living room is a room that I have been working on updating and refreshing off and on all year. The rug I had had in the living room was a Moroccan shag style rug and while it was cozy, it was too small for the furniture arrangement. So I relocated it to a different room of the house and left the living room without a proper rug for weeks. Finding a rug that I liked, was the right size, and that I could afford was tough.

That's why I am glad I found Rugs.com. They have rug pricing I can afford. You all know that I do things on a major budget around our home because we are trying to pay down our debts, update our home, live within our means and still do things as a family.

From colorful rugs to vintage style ones and braided to plush, there's a beautiful rug for every bohemian abode. Here are my favorites:

Favorite Bohemian Style Rugs


I like these vintage style rugs because they are softer in colors without being boring. With the right pieces, these rugs can being a supporting piece of decor or it can be the main focus of the show. 



My favorite category of everything, colorful. Colorful rugs are quintessential to bohemian spaces. I love the bold pop of a colorful rug in the middle of a room. It invites happiness and good times. 



Braided rugs are an easy way to add multiple textures to a room and are perfect layering pieces atop. For a classic look, add a large woven jute rug and top it with an accent rug. 



For spaces where coziness is everything and you want that cush beneath your feet, plush rugs are the perfect piece. Who wouldn't want to walk on clouds? 


All of these rugs look amazing on their own and would work for a variety of different spaces. Which room do you need a rug for next? I'm thinking of tackling our guest bedroom next so that's probably what I'll be doing next.

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