Multi functional Command Center Wall

It's amazing the relationship our surrounding have to our mental state. I couldn't show this wall for around 5 years because it had become a dumping ground for things I didn't have a place for. The space really needed to be serving us better though. The backdoor is our main entrance into and out of our home and it wasn't the best first experience for us day in and day out. I had a pretty long list of wants and needs for this wall and when the time was finally right, I pulled it together to create a multi-functional command center wall. Our command center wall is a home office, mudroom, and craft space all rolled into one.
A Vibrant Art Print Adds Whimsy To The Space

Basically, I needed to create a command center for myself where I can check in to for a variety of different parts of my daily routines. Things like dealing with mail and school papers, work assignments, paying bills, etc.

I was first inspired to design the space this way with the concept of murphy beds. Where the purpose of a room can be folded up on to the wall. I figured I'd adapt that to my home office needs.

The wall is kind of awkward to work with. There are two doorways opposite one another on one end of the room. This leaves it hard to work a furniture arrangement that would put furniture between the doors because it's our main walkway into and out of our home. We have a parking pad at the rear of the property so it just makes sense for us to use this door often. And the room itself is quite long for the size so this walkway feels disconnected from the rest of the room.

Looking Through The Kitchen Doorway
I had had a lot of ideas for what I wanted to do with the wall but it wasn't until Wayfair asked me to share how it is I'm prepping for early fall that I knew I needed to nail down the plan for this space and get that plan executed. I was reminded that the school year was starting and this space really needed to be functioning for us before we were in the midst of school chaos.

My specific goals for this wall were:

Store and organize my craft stash in an easily accessible way.
Have a place to sit down with my laptop for work.
Store important documents and incoming and outgoing mail.
Store office devices and equipment.
A dedicated place for hanging coats and storing shoes and mittens.

Mixing The Old With The New For An Eclectic Feel

My solution was to center a large desk that I can use for my laptop, home management, and crafting on the wall so there's plenty of space to walk around the chair to the other side. Then on either side of the desk, I assembled two tall cabinets from Wayfair to creatw surfaces for different home office, crafting storage, and mudroom needs.

In the cabinet to the right, I've used baskets and bins to organize crafting embellishments, yarns, various types of papers, envelopes, sewing supplies, sticky note pads, and tapes. And on shelves I've placed kits, paints, cutting tools, fabric, glitters, and clay.

In the cabinet to the left, I've split it into sections for home office and mudroom. I've left one half of the cabinet without the adjustable height shelves so that I could hang a command hook for light jackets and bags and the bottom can be used for putting away our shoes when we come inside. I also have a basket on the shelf with our mittens and hats. On the top I have our printer and a box with cords inside. I have a shelf for storing nonessential documents I may need to regularly reference and I have a shelf for holding on to mail I need to address. On the bottom, I've made space for the shredder we use on occasion.

A Coat Closet Hides Within The Cabinet

I love the shaker style doors on these cabinets. It's really beautiful having the additional detail work than basic storage cabinets. The style really compliments the wall color I had painted this wall and the wainscoting I had installed beforehand on the other walls.

The assembly process was surprisingly pleasant! I've put together a fair deal of boxes furniture and this had to be the smoothest assembly ever. Every hole lined up perfectly and the directions were clear and had illustrations that made sense. I assembled both of them by myself within a span of a few hours with interruptions and distractions.

My mood has shifted since getting the space put together. I feel motivated to sit down and not only work but also to plan other parts of our lives too. I appreciate always knowing where my keys are and have already started using my craft supplies again. It's been years since I could easily pop in and do a craft on a whim simply because I couldn't find what I was looking for. Like I said, it's amazing the way our surroundings influence and are tied into our mental state. I wouldn't go as far to say it's cured any mental illnesses, but I feel a lot better and accomplishing something is always good for us.

Thanks for coming by to check out my multi-functional command center wall that includes a home office, mudroom, and craft storage all in one. I hope you enjoyed the boho style and found a few ideas to try out in your own home. Please give this post a share before you go, it helps me out a lot!

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  1. I am ALL ABOUT multi-functional spaces. They're kind of a must if you have a small home, like me. I would imagine they'd be a must even for bigger homes if you have a wider variety of needs than the number of rooms in your home could accommodate. You've done a great job making your space fabulously serve several different functions!



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