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DIY can be so much fun. But sometimes they require materials, skills, or time we just don't have. I find myself busier and busier with every new season of life. But I still crave creativity and enjoy making something for people. That's why I'm sharing these 5 DIY gifts that take just 5 minutes each to make.

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5 DIY Gifts That Take 5 Minutes To Make

You'll want to make extra batches of these recipes so you'll have extra for yourself. They smell amazing, work beautifully, and make lovely gifts. These gifts are sure to be appreciated and you may even find yourself asked to make more. Should be easy to oblige too since these are all quite inexpensive to make!

Body Scrub Recipe

Grapeseed oil is beneficial for most skin types and doesn't solidify at room temperature so you won't have to worry about it clogging any pipes. The lemon and lavender essential oils are a combination that'll leave you feeling calm and clean. Simply mix the ingredients and store in a glass container.

20 oz. flip top glass container
2 cups coarse salt
1/2 cup grapeseed oil
10 drops lavender essential oil
5 drops lemon essential oil

Relaxing Herbal Bath Soak Recipe

This bath soak mixes beneficial epsom salt, green tea and lavender essential oil for a relaxing bath that encourages softer skin and eases body aches. Simply layer or mix the ingredients in a glass container. Makes approximately two standard baths. Pair this with a cozy robe to complete the experience.

28 oz. round glass container with screw lid
1/2 cup loose green tea
2 cup epsom salt
25 drops lavender essential oil

Lip Scrub Recipe

Exfoliate and nourish lips with a coconut oil and sugar mixture that helps remove dead skin while leaving a hydrating layer of coconut oil behind. The peppermint essential oil adds a pleasant fresh scent. Simply melt the coconut oil, mix with remaining ingredients and store in container. Makes 2 tins.

1 oz. aluminum tin 24-pack
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoon melted coconut oil
4 drops peppermint essential oil

Lip Balm Recipe

A hydrating and pleasant smelling lip balm is essential during the winter months but your giftee is going to want to use this all year long. Simply melt the wax and coconut oil in the microwave in 15 second intervals then add the lemon essential oil, pour into containers and let set (this part takes longer than 5 minutes but at least it's hands off!). Recipe makes two tins. I love pairing with this with the lip scrub for a lip care kit.

1 oz. aluminum tin 24-pack
2 tablespoons candelilla wax
2 tablespoons melted coconut oil
15 drops lemon essential oil

Linen Spray Recipe

This linen spray smells heavenly. Just mix the ingredients in a spray bottle. This recipe makes one spray bottle so you'll want to double, triple (you get the idea) so you'll have extra for yourself. Include instructions to spray on bed linens before bed and a cozy throw blanket for the coziest gifted experience.

1/3 cup distilled water
1 Tablespoon witch hazel
12 drops lavender essential oil
8 drops stress away essential oil

Which one of these recipes are you most excited to try? I'm thinking I'll need to keep them all on hand year round! 


  1. Gifts that are made with your own hands are always special, I think it is much better than granting money, it shows your attitude to a person.

  2. I am so interested, where do you take the ideas for your DIY? Anyway, I am so grateful to you that you have shown everything here.

  3. I love your DIY bath and body scrubs!! The salt and green tea one is my favorite! I’m going to have to make some for myself!!

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