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Thrift stores are a wonderful place to shop for so many reasons. But are you shopping thrift stores for holiday gifts? It can be hard when you have something specific in mind for someone. And it can be great when you have no idea for what to gift someone. I'm going to share my list of items I always look out for when I go to the thrift store that all make a wonderful gift.

Gift You Can Buy From The Thrift Store

If you're like me, you've already overspent on Christmas gifts and still have too many left to buy. There are so many creative ways of stretching a gift budget and one of them is thrift shopping. I'll bet you already have a list of things you love to find at the thrift store. Here is my list:

Picture Frames

I always end up buying at least one picture frame for a gift during the holidays. Family photos, pictures of grandkids, and selfies are all things I love to frame and gift to friends. And I love to receive them too. Another really good idea for thrifted frames is to fill them with printables, hand lettered messages, art, pretty paper, pressed flowers, etc.


I always forget how expensive mirrors are until I go to buy one. Most of the time I end up walking away because it's more than I want to pay. That's why I always look for mirrors when I go to the thrift store. I've only found a few but they're unique and beautiful and would all make really lovely gifts.

Bags and Wallets

When I gift a gift card, I like to make the presentation creative. One year I slipped gift cards into the pocket of a jacket, another I slipped them into the slots of a wallet. The thrift stores in my area always have a lot of small bags and wallets on hand. And they're the perfect vessel for gifting something like a gift card in.

Small Lidded Containers

On the topic of gift presentation, I love checking thrift stores for unique lidded containers. They're useful to gift as is but I love tucking smaller gifts inside of them.


As trends come and go, the jewelry at stores all seems to have the same look until the next big "thing." Thrift stores are a wonderful place to find unique jewelry. Most of my favorite jewelry pieces are second hand!


There's a reason why the gift set section is full of boxes with mugs in them. Mugs make great gifts! DIY your own gift set with a unique thrifted mug and some yummy hot cocoa or tea bags inside of it.

Fine Dishware

Thrift stores are usually filled with dishes. Finding sets of things are where it's at though. If you can find a set of wine glasses, or serveware, sometimes even entire dinner party sets, those are the best for gifting.


There are lots of different ways you can incorporate a tray into a gift set. Stack a book, mug, and/or chocolates inside of one and you've got a whole experience to gift to someone.

Basket Planters

An easy gift is the gift of a plant. They really are a gift that keeps on giving. Keep a look out at thrift stores for baskets with plastic liners in them. It makes it really easy to put a plant into and you have  a gift that presents beautifully.


Of course pottery makes a wonderful gift! Vases are beautiful alone or you can fill them with a bouquet too. And I love little vessels that plants can be planted into. Those ones are my favorite.


I forgot to mention this in the video but books make a great gift! Some of the nicest books I own are from the thrift store. I've found vintage interior design and plant care books that are packed full of useful information and are gorgeous too.


Just like using throw blankets are ecofriendly tissue paper, scarves make lovely gift filler too. There's usually a whole rack of them at the thrift stores. Look for the satin ones as they normally don't have any signs of wear.

And that's everything I personally look for and recommend looking for at the thrift store. Do you buy gifts from the thrift store? What has been your best find?

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