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My home is my refuge and I hope yours is a refuge for you. Part of creating a home that I feel safe and cozy in is making sure it's well cared for. If you've ever looked around your home and felt taken aback by the state it's in - you are not alone! I'm certain I have that feeling every single day. Part of what's helped me develop a rhythm to home care is having products I feel good about using on hand. Today I want to share some bundles and kits that are "feel good" and would make a wonderful gift to loved ones.

This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Home Care Gifts And Freebies With Grove Collaborative

I love a cute and practical gift. Gifts that save me time, money, and/or make my life easier in general are the best in my opinion. One year my mom gifted me a cleaning bucket filled with Mrs. Meyers cleaning products and it's one of the most memorable gifts I've ever received. I used the products throughout the year and as crazy as it sounds, I really enjoyed it! You can find kits like the one I received at Grove Collaborative, below are a few of my favorites.

The Room Spray Set includes a reusable spray bottle and a bottle of room spray concentrate. It's small enough to tuck into most stockings but it also makes a lovely gift on it's own. I like this little kit because it can be the start of a low waste swap for someone. Instead of buying disposable room spray bottles, the glass bottle can be refilled over and over again.

Will you be visiting others this holiday season? The Holiday Host Gift Set is the perfect bundle to bring the host. It comes with a candle that can instantly set the mood for the gathering and coasters that come in three different color options for all the merry drinks to be had.

Dishwashing is never ending, isn't it? The Dishwashing Essentials Set comes with a glass bottle, dish soap refill bag, and removeable head brush. Not only are the items ones the recipient will love to have displayed, they're also low waste swaps that are good for the environment.


Another attractive and eco friendly gift is the Hand Soap Set. This set also includes a glass bottle with pump and it comes with the hand soap refill bag and simply stylish flour sack towels.

The Seasons Cleaning Bundle is nearly identical to the set I received for Christmas that one year. The bucket is adorable. All of the products sit nicely in the bucket for ready to go gifting. I love this bundle because it's a great way to get started with cruelty free products. I use my Grove Collaborative membership to replenish items I've used up from my initial bundle. 

The Plastic Swap Set is the perfect gift for the eco conscious friend. With reusable straws, food storage bags, and handsoap set, it's a low stress way to sample low waste swaps.

I bought the Sinkside Accessory Set in my first Grove order. I had been looking for something to corral all of the necessary kitchen sink side things and love the simplicity and functionality of this set. Honestly, it felt a little like Christmas cam early when I opened it up.

The best part of all? New Grove Collaborative members receive a free 5-piece gift set of Mrs. Meyers products with a Grove set of sponges and bucket. Buy things you already need and get this bonus to gift, buy sets as gifts and get a free bonus gift set, or keep it all for yourself (I wouldn't blame you!).

Here’s how to get your FREE products:

  1. For first time Grove Collaborative members, click this link here to sign up. You’ll receive a FREE Mrs. Meyers & Grove Set when you sign up and spend $20 or more on your first order of natural household and personal care products.
  2. Adjust and finalize your basket of natural household and personal care products. Your cart will automatically be filled but you can add and delete items to best suit your household needs (just don't delete your freebies!)
  3. Click Continue to Checkout and place your order.

I know I am happier and healthier when my home is clean and managed well. Our surroundings play such a strong role in how we feel! Gift good feelings (even if it's to yourself!) by switching to better for you and better for the environment products with Grove Collaborative and enjoy the convenience of delivery straight to your home.

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