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Greetings everyone and welcome back to day 2 of the 12 days of gifting ideas. Today I'm going to be sharing a small shop called Apartment No. 3 and I couldn't be more excited. The goods in this shop are all globally made and add a charming touch. You know I love color and boho so I couldn't adore her more.

This post contains gifted product.

Shop Global Goods With Apartment No 3

Diana is the shop owner and she partners with artisans in her home country of Paraguay. She stocks ñandutí, trapo, mudcloth, hilo goods that are handmade and absolutely stunning. From home goods to fashion accessories to christmas ornaments, she has a little bit of something that will make a lovely gift for many this holiday season.

1. Trapo Pillows 

The trapo pillow is the first item from her shop that I had the honour of experiencing. They're handmade in paraguay on looms made by the artisans themselves with fabric scraps. They're soft, come in an array of colors, color combinations, as well as monochromatic schemes and black/white. You can also find trapo blankets and trapo rugs on her site.

2. Mudcloth Pillows 

Mudcloth has been one of my favorite textiles since the moment I found it existed. I love the colors and patterns these pillows come in. Also available in both colors or black and white, these pillows compliment many home styles. This mudcloth textile is handmade from the creation of the fabric itself to the process of dying it in Mali, Africa.

3. Hilo Blanket 

The hilo blanket is handmade on looms in Paraguay. They come in really beautiful simply designs styles with pops of color. They're generously sized with the small being large enough to comfortably cover two adults. The large would easily cover a king size bed and the medium a queen size bed. They made lovely couch throws, end of bed blankets, bed covers, tree skirts. They're a truly versatile textile. And don't forget my gift wrapping pro tip, use a throw blanket instead of tissue for an eco-friendly alternative that doubles as a bonus gift!

4. Ñanduti Ornament 

It's a Christmas decor that doubles as home decor. Once the holidays are over you can hang your Ñanduti ornament on the wall for beautifully handmade wall art. It may be hard to part with it once it arrives so I would definitely recommend picking up a couple of them. Let the recipient know the story behind the piece so they know exactly how special it it.

5. Ñanduti Earrings

Another gorgeous item you'll likely want to keep for yourself, Ñanduti earrings are a fashion accessory that can be as bold or as subtle as you like with the different sizes, shapes, and colors available. Let the recipient know the story behind the piece so they know exactly how special it it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit The Boho Abode blog today. I hope you've found new and exciting ideas for gift giving this year. Shopping small is a wonderful way to gift truly unique gifts. And it comes with the added bonus of supporting good in the world. Beyond that, I truly believe they add a good energy to the home.

Share your favorite gifting ideas in the comments below!

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