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Have you ever just known a room needed something dramatic, in a safe dose? That's kind of a funny way of putting it, but it's exactly how I felt about my dining room. It needed something interesting and dramatic. A peel and stick wallpaper ended up being the perfect solution for this room. Whether you're going for whimsy, airy, bright and happy, moody, or something else, it's easy to create a mood with temporary wallpaper.

This post contains sponsored product that was supplied by the New Year New Room Challenge Sponsor, Spoonflower.

Applying Temporary Wallpaper For The First Time

Moody Boho Wallpaper Patterns From Spoonflower

I love browsing through all of the various different designs available on Spoonflower. I'm sure I've logged more hours scrolling than anyone should ever admit. There's truly an endless supply of inspiration and I can't help but daydream about what I'd do with all of them.

In keeping with the moody boho theme, I've rounded up my 8 favorite designs to share with you. Hopefully you like them too and it'll inspire a little refresh in your home too.

Boho Third Eye | Diamond Stripe
Mystic Moth | Eyes Adorned

Moon Phase Striped | Palm Adorned
Mystic Eye | Moody Mermaid

Spoonflower's wallpapers are available in three different types. I've used their peel and stick removable wallpaper, but there's also prepasted removable smooth wallpaper and non-pasted traditional pebble wallpaper to choose from in every design.

Creating A Mood With Temporary Wallpaper

When thinking about the mood you want to create in a space, the color is the first thing to look at. Think about what colors are already in the room, what colors you want to add to the room, and what tones suit the feel you want for the room. Go with muted for calming vibes, colorful for happy and energizing, and deep for moodiness.

Going for that moody boho vibe, I went with a darker wallpaper with an elaborate golden colored design for a bit of opulence. The Eyes Adorned design had everything I was looking for. It had soft feminine curves, a mystic motif, and a dark background color.

Installing the wallpaper was fairly simple and easy. The material is thick so it doesn't crease, stretch, or rip easily. I started at the far left side and worked my way around the three walls. Using the included smoothing tool, I was able to smooth out bubbles as I laid each piece down. A utility knife cut through the wallpaper easily making getting around doors and windows and breeze.

Less than 3 hours later I had the impact I needed in this room. I wish I could do this for every room in my home. It's so much easier and cleaner than painting!

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From a distance it has a damask vibe but then when you get closer to it you see that it's so much more interesting than that. Not only is this a wow factor for the room, but it'll surely be a conversation starter too.

Now that some of the more impactful changes are in the room, I'm getting so excited. The feel of the room is getting closer to what I had envisioned. There are still a few projects left but it feels so close to completion. This is the fun part of these kinds of projects. The vision is coming to life and the stress is starting to fade as the end draws near.

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  1. Oh wow!! It already looks so great! Love the wallpaper and rug patterns.

  2. Corinna that paper is FABULOUS!!!! Love the print and it looks amazing with the fireplace mantel and tassels. Super boho Super chic!


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