A Warm Color Palette Boho Bedroom | Small Space Decorating

A bedroom should be a favorite place in the home. It's so important that we have a space that rejuvenates us for what the day brings our way. That's kind of a lot of pressure to get a room just right. After fighting with my own bedroom for seven years, I finally feel like the decor and furniture is just right. It's a small space so finding a balance with function and decorating was tough but I really like it now. A warm color palette, careful furniture arrangement, and coordinating decor are the key points to this small space makeover.
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A Warm Color Palette Boho Bedroom

When I started this makeover, I wasn't even intentionally starting a makeover. We had been talking about prepping our house to go on the market and so everything needed a fresh coat of paint kind of face lift. So I was refinishing the doors and prepping the baseboards and painting the walls and while all this was going on the room was empty. I had temporarily moved our bedroom into the dining room.

[see the moody bohemian dining room makeover here]

When it was time to move everything back in, I had fresh eyes for the space. It felt bigger, brighter, and the newness of the paint and knobs made the room feel upgraded. The time was right to perfect the furniture arrangement and solidify and color scheme for the room.

A Warm Color Palette Boho Small Bedroom Space - Design By TheBohoAbode

Small Space Furniture Arrangement

During the time the room was empty for improvements, we also obtained a new bed. It's a queen just like the old bed but it had a nice upholstered headboard and is a much more substantial piece than what we had before. I decided to try it centered between the two windows. It fit so perfectly that I didn't need to try the alternatives I hated in the past. The left a good amount of space at the foot of the bed where the closet door opens.

Firguring out furniture arrangement in a small bedroom space can be hard - Design By TheBohoAbode

This meant that the only place for the dresser was directly in front of the doorway on the only fully unobstructed wall. This left just enough room to walk beside the bed and to open the drawers. The corner was open and so the laundry basket, a plant on a wooden stand, and a nightstand tuck in perfectly. 

A small bedroom corner gets filled with a boho laundry hamper, jewelry hanger, plants - Design By TheBohoAbode

The only other bit of wall space for any kind of furniture is beside the closet door in the corner next to the window. Instead of taking up valuable floor space, I installed shelves onto the wall. This gave me a place to display my favorite decorative pieces and plants. I can also place baskets and bins atop the shelves if I find I need the additional storage.

A small awkward corner of the bedroom gets turned into a decorative plant shelf - Design By TheBohoAbode

Upholstered Bed - Best Choice Products
Dresser - Vintage Edward Shockey Scultpured Pine
Nightstands - Wayfair
Shelves - Second Hand

Warm Boho Textiles

Instead of going neutral or cool tones with the textiles like I have in the past, I chose to stick to colors with a warm undertone. Even traditionally cool tones colors like blues have a bit of yellow and/or green undertone to them to make them warmer. I find this makes the room feel cozier and welcoming. Not that I need the added persuasion to spend a day in bed but it sure it lovely to look at.

The window treatments are darker to both block out extra light and to break up the lightness of the walls. I've layered pillows and blankets that match the colors of the comforter and rug. Many of these pieces I have had for years at this point but they've managed to come together, dare I say it again... perfectly.

Tasseled Curtains - Target
Area Rug - Surya
Suzani Throw Pillow - Amazon
Aqua Throw Blanket - Amazon
Rust Quilt and Shams - Amazon

Plants In The Bedroom

A room design without plants? What's that? I can't imagine a room in my home without plants in it. They add life (literally!) to the room. I enjoy them as decor, I enjoy them as companions, I enjoy them as air purifiers. When I decided to hang the shelves in the too big to leave empty but too small for furniture corner, I knew the adjacent window made it the perfect spot for some plants. And... I have a lot of plants so there wasn't a lot of choice, haha. 

Bedroom Wall Art

What do you put in bedroom walls when mirrors in the dark weird you out? I know I'm not the only one that does not like mirrors in the bedroom so I'm sure some of you know the struggle of "what in the world do I put here!?"

To the left of the bed and to the right of the one window was a big expanse of wall. Well, big for a tiny room anyways. And it just looked so bare and awkward. Thankfully the stars aligned and brought the abstract collage and art print into my life. I used Art To Frames to frame the pieces giving them cohesiveness. These are from the Natural Wood collection and specifically are the walnut frames. The frames look so professional and have an anti glare glass in it to make sure I can always enjoy the artwork within.


And then later on I had to decide what to hang above the dresser. Since shelves were already done in the room, I decided art was still the way to go. This time I went with an abstract poster print. I like that it brought in more warmth to the design. It's soft leaf shapes add an interested, calming organic element.

Frames - Art To Frames
Tigra Tigra Print - Ping Hatta
Abstract Collage - Color and Form Design
Poster - Photowall

It's All In The Details

Of course, the room didn't come together simply with just that. The details play a large role in how a room looks and functions. And I simply love the details of this room. There truly are so many favorite things in here. 

Nestled on the shelves with the plants, there are a few pieces you might miss at first glance. Like this cute little retro bluetooth radio, and the buddha statue holding the rose quartz. The mini radio was a gift from a good friend for Christmas so it brings me joy for that reason but I also LOVE music. Even when I'm sleeping. And I use the buddha statue to hold the rose quartz as a mini altar to encourage pure unconditional love.

Then on my dresser I have this thrifted trio of wooden elephants that matches our little family. And the lantern with a battery operated candle adds ambiance in the evenings.

More bedroom essentials on this side too. And they're cute as well. The mint fan for my husband who has to have a fan. And a moon diffuser for me, who has to have a diffuser. And the stacked lidded bins are added storage. That small bedroom life needs to be practical too, eh?

And probably the most easy to over look detail, the refinished door with their brand new black hardware. It looks so chic with all the new paint in here. And the switchplate covers, too! When you upgrade little details like these, you won't want to hide them.

And that's everything that went into my bedroom makeover! I hope you've enjoyed going on this little tour with me. It is a very small room but it functions perfectly for us. And I enjoy it so much.

What's your favorite detail of your bedroom?


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