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It's easy to dream up all the different ways we would create our own sleep oasis. It's one of my favorite things to daydream about! While a lot of those things will help a child get a better night sleep, there are some things to consider when creating a sleep sanctuary specifically for them. Sleep is such an important part of the day in every stage in life so it's helpful to create a sleep sanctuary that will help children get the most out of it.

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Things To Consider When Creating A Sleep Sanctuary For A Child

The Bed Frame

There's more to picking a bed frame than style and size. Of course those things matter! But it's not all to consider.

The bed height is something I hadn't really thought about until I updated my own bed frame and mattress. My bed is so high up off the floor and it would be so hard for a little kid to get in and out of something like that. My kiddo is quite a big kid now but I still went with something lower to the ground. That way he can navigate himself to the bathroom in the middle of the night easily.

It's also good to look at the headboard. Will there be bedtime stories in the bed? Would an upholstered headboard be helpful for that? Or one that you can prop pillows up against? These are the kinds of questions I asked myself when looking at different bed options for my kiddo's room.

Then there's the style, the size, and the sturdiness of the bed frame.

A bed frame style that flows with the rest of the room will make the room feel cohesive.  I chose the Barba Platform Bed from Wade Logan. The black metal frame with the warm wood panels looks chic and will last through many revisions of his room design preferences.

And it can be tempting to keep a child in a twin size bed, but they may be more comfortable in a full. Now that our child is doing less floor play, it didn't matter than the full takes up more floor space.

Let's be honest, children don't always just sleep in their bed. Having something sturdy can help it last longer with rambunctious children.

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The Mattress

What's a good bed without a good mattress? I felt like it made best sense to choose a mattress that balanced budget with quality. We know that the quality of our mattress directly affects the quality of our sleep and that's true for any age.

A hybrid mattress provides support and comfort and are my personal favorite style of mattress. For my kid's room, I chose Wayfair's 10.5" Medium Hybrid Mattress. The foam layers on top cradle the body nicely while the inner springs provide support. It's the same style of mattress I use on my own bed.

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The Bedding

Consider layering bedding with pieces that are easy for the child to make and arrange themselves. A breathable comfortable and a lighter quilt or blanket are two pieces I have on every bed. These pieces make it easy to maintain a comfortable sleep temperature all year long. Night sweats and cold feet aren't fun for the kiddos either.And of course, soft and cozy bedding will help lull them to sleep too.

The Lighting

Night time potty training taught me the importance of bedside lighting. Bulbs that are too bright and cool toned set us up for struggle getting back to sleep. Edison style bulbs and warm bulbs are perfect for bedtime stories and for getting up in the middle of the night. I love their cozy feel, too. Even better are dimmable lamps. So the bedtime stories can have brighter light whereas the midnight trips can have a soft glow.

The Flooring

Speaking of getting up out of bed in the middle of the night, having a plush rug is so much cozier than bare floor. Whether it's the middle of the night or the morning, I personally love feeling the cushion under foot.

And keep that foot space clear! Clutter is not only no fun to trip on, but it can mentally clutter our minds too. That can make it hard for children to fall asleep just like it can for us.

The Ambiance

Utilize aromatherapy by diffusing essential oils. Relaxing scents like lavender and chamomile can help encourage sleepiness. We find the sound of the diffuser running to be soothing. If you need something more than that, many diffusers also have light and noise options. Red light is known to help people sleep better so choosing that option on a diffuser can be helpful. And playing ocean sounds or white noise can also be helpful.

Do you already use any of these to help yourself or little ones sleep better? Consider making these changes to create a sleep sanctuary for yourself and child!

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