Romantic Bohemian Table Setting | Valentine's Day Decor

With Valentine's day coming up, I'm feeling inspired to pull out all the pretty, romantic pieces that I have. This year I created an easy floral boho centerpiece and put together a modern romantic table setting and I absolutely love them.The best part is that there are no specialty shops or complicated items needed to recreate it so you can keep the look going all year long. A romantic bohemian table setting is exactly what I needed in my valentines day decor this year.
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Romantic Bohemian Table Setting

Do you decorate your dining table? I love doing it because I enjoy the process and the reward. It's like a little ritual putting all of the pieces together and it's something lovely to look at. I think it's good for the soul to take the time to do little things like this that serve the purpose of bringing us joy. Don't forget that our surroundings directly affect our mindset!

As far as decor goes, this is the majority of what I do. I love that it's not to kitschy and it's all about creating the welcoming vibe. I include elements that cultivate a loving atmosphere, both for others and for self. And everything can be adapted to suit other occasions and seasons. I'll share how I created each part of the whole table scene and point out where things can be swapped out.

Easy Floral Boho Centerpiece

Glass Bottles
Mixed Bouquet
Accent Bouquet
Pampas Grass
Macrame Runner
Mini Selenite Towers
Rough Rose Quartz

The base of the whole centerpiece is a macrame table runner. It's neutral and the texture is a lovely addition to the table. Atop it I arranged my collection of amber glass apothecary bottles. This is a perfect place to get creative and work with what you have. You can use soda bottles, wine bottles, blue glass, a mix of vases - any kind of vessel that can hold water and flowers!

Around the bottles, I arranged the selenite towers and rose quartz. I chose these two stones for their potential effects on us. Selenite is known for many things including easing feelings of stress and anxiety as well as promoting healthy relationships. And rose quartz is well known as the "stone of love" because it encourages love for self and others.

My favorite part is arranging the flowers. Touching them, smelling them, looking at the different shapes and colors to decide what compliments what and where, it's lovely. I chose one larger bouquet that had a mix of flowers for $12 and a smaller accent bundle of coral carnations for $4 at my regular grocery store.

Splitting up the larger bouquet by flower gives the centerpiece a more custom look and makes it feel more expensive than the $16 invested. I tried to balance each side of the centerpiece by matching what I did to one side with the other. In the largest vessel near the center, I put the most unique pieces from the bouquet.

Then I added in some dried pampas grass clippings that I found at the beach FOR FREE. Bulk up your arrangements with things you can forage for free around you. This time of year, the pampas grass is already quite dried out so it was easy to cut and the wind has already taken care of the loose pieces. These I simply cut to varying heights to add drama and texture to the bottle bouquets.

Simple Boho Table Setting

Dinner Plates
Cloth Napkins
Salad Plates
Wine Glasses

I pulled this table setting together on the cheap! If you have a dollar store near you, I highly recommend checking it out for basic dinnerware. Both the grey chargers with wood grain and the square dinner plates are from Dollar Tree. Getting some basics like these make it easy for me to splurge on other accessories to mix in and out for different occasions and seasons.

The most luxurious layer is the dinner napkins. Since that's the layer guests will have the most contact with, it made sense to me for it to be the piece I invested the most into. They'll be feeling, touching, wiping, folding, looking at them. I'm using Spoonflower's cotton dinner napkin in the dark olive mudcloth design. I love the deep color for hiding stains and the mudcloth pattern is muted enough not to clash with other pieces. Spoonflower has so many unique designs that you'll probably want to pick up a few to enjoy.

The top layer is the salad plate. The ones I used are no longer available but there are similar styles still available. I love switching up this one piece regularly for all of the fun little holidays and events that happen throughout the year.

I finished things off with a basic silverware set and thrifted wine glasses. Those wine glasses were such a great thrift find! I had been eyeing some similar ones at Walmart so it was great to find these.

And that's everything I used to pull this table together! I've been looking for any excuse to be near the table so I can enjoy the pretty bouquets. And being able to put it all together on a budget is really rewarding. I hope you find a little place to create a pretty scene that brings you joy.

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