Colorful, Eclectic, and Glam Style Bloggers You'll Love!

In a time when we are isolated and closed off from people, the internet can be a great place to make connections. Not just to keep in touch with others, but to make new relationships too. That's why I wanted to take a moment to highlight a few fellow bloggers with colorful, eclectic, and glam styles that I think you'll love!

No two people are the same, and that rings true for bloggers too! Everyone has different styles of writing, of decorating, write about different topics, and have different life experiences. But what unites us is our love for color (whether pops here and there or full on maximalist color use), our eclectic styles (I love how different this shows up in each of our homes), and the infusions of glam (in unique ways) in all of our homes.

Below you'll find a sneak peek into what you can expect from each of the blogs below as well as a short list of must check out posts from each of their blogs. I hope you love them as much as I do!

Julia from Tag and Tibby.

Julia is the designer and founder of Tag & Tibby: a website dedicated to DIY home projects, organization ideas, paint colors, and home related craft projects. She lives just outside Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband and two tweens. She enjoys inspiring readers to improve their home on a small budget. Her style is a eclectic with a blend of vintage, mid century, modern, and global.

One Way To Hide Wires In A Living Room
A Screened In Porch On A Budget
Before And After Breakfast Nook
12 Ideas For A Small Organized Laundry Room
Make This Air Plant Wreath With Seashells

Bethany from Reality Daydream.

Nick and Bethany Sy are the creative free-spirits behind DIY/Lifestyle blog, Reality Daydream. They recently purchased a historic mansion and have been documenting the ups and downs of renovation and making this home their own... all while sharing tips and tutorials along the way! When they found themselves in the trenches of infertility, they started a journey that would prove to be their most important DIY project ever, and have 3 beautiful girls to show for it.

Living Wall Vertical Planter

Jenna from Rain On A Tin Roof.

Jenna leads the parade at Rain on a Tin Roof where flying your freak flag is highly encouraged. She believes each room in your home should be filled with mad personality. You can find a picture of nude Burt Reynolds on a bear rug in her office. She put carpet on a wall in her bedroom, even though 1975 called and asked her not to. She believes black painted walls are always a good option, but has never turned her nose up at glorious color either. She’s a live wire. Never expect to know what to expect from her - except the unexpected. She’s clear as mud like that. 

Bright And Colorful Mudroom
Black And White Dining Room
How To Make Laminate Counters Look Like Faux Stone
Colorful Bathroom Makeover
DIY Louvered Closet Door Makeover

Jessica from Jessica Welling Interiors.

 Jess is a fearless interior designer & mama who loves to create fun, family-friendly spaces on a budget. Her modern colorful style comes through in everything she does- from letting her kids help draw the faux wallpaper in their bedroom, to an Ikea-hacked jellyfish chandelier.

DIY Floating Desk
Outdoor Living Room Reveal
How To Paint A Mural
How To Style Indoor Plants
Beachy Bunk Room

Jennifer from Jennifer Rizzo.

Jennifer Rizzo is a Design/DIY/Lifestyle blogger who also loves also throwing in a bit of crafting and gardening.  She believes in decorating your home with a mix of handmade, vintage, upcycled finds, and family heirlooms so your home reflects you. She loves mixing old and new and will paint just about anything. She hopes to inspire you to create your home, and craft your life to design a home you'll love.

Living Room Makeover For Free
Free Abstract Art Printable
Master Bedroom Makeover

Jennifer from Dimples and Tangles.

Jennifer of Dimples and Tangles has always said that her home is her hobby.  She enjoys sharing whatever current project she's working on with her readers, whether it's a DIY project, tablescape, room makeover, recipe, travel report, or her latest favorite fashion find.  She finds value in inspiring others to be creative in their own homes and to try new things.  Her style is grounded in traditional elements but livened up with a strong dose of bold color and mixed patterns and she loves to transform thrifted and second hand pieces to make them her own.  A snapshot of her style in a few words might be: classic, colorful, chinoiserie, preppy, bamboo, gold, green, blue and white, bright, monograms, eclectic, and gathered and her favorite tools of choice are a staple gun, sewing machine, and spray paint!

Dining Room Reveal
Jack and Jill Kid's Bathroom Reveal
Summer Patio Tour
Spring Home Tour
Christmas Home Tour

Lora from Craftivity Designs.

Lora, of Craftivity Designs, seeks to Create a Home that is simple, functional, and beautiful. As a busy mom of 2, she knows that creating a beautiful home isn't just about looks. Rather, a home is created by the stories of its homeowners and the families who raised them. A home should tell those stories, and be practical for everyday life. Join Lora in Creating a Home that expresses your family's personality and makes life simpler. 

Modern Cottage Home Tour
Little Girl Bedroom Ideas
Vintage Laundry Room
German Schmear Brick
Installing Granite Backsplash


Stephanie from Casa Watkins Living.

Stephanie is the owner and author behind the home and lifestyle website, Casa Watkins Living.  Stephanie loves to create spaces and crafts that are full of color, have a modern bohemian inspiration infused with global flair, and have a plant or two..... or more!  Her appreciation for worldly cultures drives her design and inspires unique spaces that show global style with respect to the culture.  This creativeholic hopes to inspire you to create spaces and complete diy projects to make your home they way you’ve always wanted.

Modern White Bohemian Kitchen Renovation
Scandi Glam Bedroom Refresh
Easy DIY Geometric Wall Design
DIY Painted Otomi Coasters
10 Global Style DIY Projects

Sara from Birdz Of A Feather.

Birdz of a Feather is the nesting place that brings together hands-on DIY home and garden renos, crafts and gluten free recipes. Sara’s on a mission, along with her husband (her ‘partner in grime’) to encourage you to feather the nest, one room at a time! A few years ago, Sara challenged herself to lead a more sustainable life by reusing items - whether thrifted, repurposed or kicked to the curb - in new and innovative ways. She never turned back. While some people eat tuna for lunch and recycle the tin, she’s dreaming up ways to turn those tins into a swing out storage tower for her home office!  

Easter Bunny Wreath
Hudson Bay Point Inspired Upcycle
Guitar Planter Project
Blue Jeans Planter
Staircase Makeover

Joy from The Aspiring Home.

Joy has always been a HUGE believer in family and home. She creates and designs with budget in mind. Joy's website is based on a simple truth, that a house becomes a home when it has roots and a family thrives if it's members have wings, freedom to live out their purpose. Joy's hope is that she can help her readers make a home that is both a haven and a launching pad that reflects her readers own passions and interests in a bright, bold and beautiful way.

Eclectic Modern Studio Apartment Design
Easiest DIY Paneled Glass Cabinet Door
Backyard Makeover Reveal 
2 Bathrooms Revealed

I hope you've enjoyed going through each of the blogs. It can be such a relaxing way to spend an afternoon. Grab a favorite drink and snack, make a cozy spot for yourself, and browse favorite blogs for a few hours. You'll surely walk away inspired.


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