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Did I mention I was making over my child's room in just a week? I know I didn't because it was kind of spontaneous and the deadline was totally made up. It certainly was a fun challenge though. His room desperately needed changes. And in just one week, I totally redesigned the style and function of the room. I'm excited to share the big impact changes that took minimal time in his room makeover with you today.

This post contains previously gifted product from: Mohawk Home, Umasqu, Displate.
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Making Over A Room In One Week

Creating a room design can oftentimes take more than a week. So to start and finish a whole room makeover in just a week, it's a little crazy. I vlogged every day of the week to share the reality of what that looks like. From emptying the room, to obstacles sourcing second hand furniture, to mural installation, and both painting and assembling furniture.

Boho Eclectic Design Kid Room

The first time he saw the room he came to me and said, "You know, I just have to say, this room is awesome!" That felt awesome to hear. I always let him choose the things that goes into his space. But there's always the challenge of taking his requests and putting it all into a cohesive room.

I was browsing Instagram when he spotted @BohoFrisco's post sharing her bedroom. He saw the mural behind her bed and lit up and immediately requested I do the same in his room. I'm a pretty big fan of her home too so I was pretty excited to take inspiration from her.

The mural is from Photowall and is called Foggy Forest mural. I'll have a post coming next week all about the install and going more in depth with the details.

Last week when we were at Walmart, I stopped to pick up new pillows for his bed. He wandered to the next aisle over and dragged over a large bed in a bag set. It had teal flowers on it and he wanted it pretty bad. Unfortunately it was a king size and there weren't any in his bed size.

We then stumbled across a jungle bed in a bag but it was only available in a twin. When looking for either of these online, I found the Flower Home jungle leopard quilt set and he's very happy with it!

The Pokemon posters still give the room a childlike feel. While I'm thrilled his room is looking so chic, I wanted to make sure his interests were incorporated too. The shelves are a fun little touch and gives him a place to display his metallic animal figurines.

And then there's the gorgeous teal dresser he special requested for his room. He chose the color and the dresser and I am swooning for the way it turned out. I'll have a post coming next week detailing the process of painting the dresser.

The gallery above the dresser and the collection of items atop the dresser are all favorite items of his. He loves having plants in his room. I love thinking back on the times he chose all of these various different pieces for himself over time.

He's at an age now where he's rarely playing with toys. If it's not a video game, something to watch, or something we go do, it's not really his thing anymore. Every once in a while he will feel inspired to play with them though so I've organized them in his closet and underneath his bed.

He's hoping for a television in his room. And his father has already offered that to him. I hate TVs in the bedroom but I'm a bit outnumbered on this. How do you feel about screens in the bedroom?

While it was a challenge redecorating a room in a week span, I'm so happy we did it. This new room of his is so cool and I'm glad I was able to give him all of the different things he asked for. My fingers are crossed this room can last him for many years to come.

Room Design Source List

Platform Bed - Wayfair
Hybrid Mattress - Wayfair
Foggy Forest Mural - Photowall
Patterned Rug - Mohawk Home
Peacock Wall Art - Umasqu
Camel Wall Art - Displate
Teal Furniture Paint - Velvet Finishes
Triangle Curtains - Target
Leopard Quilt Set - Walmart

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