Cypress + Lemongrass Sugar Scrub Recipe

There is something magical that happens when cypress and lemongrass essential oils are blended. Alone neither of them smell all that enticing to me, but together they smell lovely. Not only do they smell lovely, they're beneficial oils to include in a skincare recipe too. This sugar scrub recipe is easy to make, smells lovely, and

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Aesthetically Pleasing Sugar Scrub Video

Cypress + Lemongrass Sugar Scrub Recipe

I love to use this sugar scrub after doing physical activity. Anything from going on a walk in the neighborhood to a visit at the gym. It can also be invigorating to use in the mornings before taking on the tasks of the day.

And I cannot repeat this enough, lemongrass and cypress smell dreamy together! You'll love the scent of this as you're applying it.


Airtight Glass Jar
Organic Cane Sugar
Grapeseed Oil
Lemongrass Essential Oil
Cypress Essential Oil


Simply add the ingredients to a glass jar, add the desired amount of essential oils to an aroma level preferred (I used 20 drops cypress and 15 drops lemongrass), and stir to combine. I use this label maker to identify what is in my many jars of mixes.

Why Lemongrass?

Lemongrass has an aroma that can inspire clarity and relaxation. It may also be beneficial in aiding in healing torn muscles and ligaments as well as aiding in the reduction  of varicose veins.

Why Cypress?

Cypress promotes a sense of security and grounding. It may also be beneficial in improving circulation and discouraging fluid retention.

Other Ingredients

This recipe also uses grapeseed oil and organic cane sugar.

The grapeseed oil is great for making skin softer, improving elasticity, and is full of antioxidants that can help protect against sun damage. It also rates a 1 on the comedogenic scale meaning it's very unlikely to clog pores.

Cane sugar is not only a great physical exfoliant, but also works as a chemical exfoliant because of the naturally occurring AHAs.

You'll definitely want to try this recipe so make sure to pin this post so you can reference the ingredients and video when you're ready to make it. Don't have your essential oils yet? I can help you get started and connected with the best resources. Send me a message or email anytime!

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