Try A New Furniture Arrangement + Saying Goodbye Rug | One Room Challenge

It felt like this past week has flown by. That can be either a good thing or a bad thing when working on a room makeover. You'll have to let me know which one you think it is after I share what all I've got done. Changing the design vibe of my living room from bright to moody has inspired a few other changes too. Today I'll take you through those changes.

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VLOG: Try A New Furniture Arrangement + Saying Goodbye Rug

In this chapter of the One Room Challenge vlog series, I continue work on the baseboards and work on the main bank of windows at the front of the room. An unplanned migraine requires the work be done over the course of a few days. Once that was done I removed the area rug from the space. I also try rearranging furniture and it felt refreshing as it's something I haven't done in this room in a very long time. Watch the vlog to see how it all turned out.

Painting Baseboards + Windows 

As I've done in the past two updates, I've worked on refreshing the baseboards with paint. I started with the easiest wall and have been working my way wall by wall each week increasing in difficulty. This week's wall has three connected windows at the front of the house. Paint is the ideal choice here because once we have the bathroom renovation and roof paid off, we are replacing these ancient windows.

My method is to use 3 coats of primer to build up a thickness and opacity that requires I just go in with one coat of paint. The primer is cheaper than the paint. Also, if you haven't the vlogs, you've missed out on my secret to ultra crisp paint lines. I use dollar store painter's tape *wink wink* I'm sure you're curious now what the secret is!

Saying Goodbye Rug

I fully anticipate loads of groaning and push back for this decision. The rug looks beautiful in pictures. Being as large as it is and as colorful as it is, it commands a lot of deserves attention. There's just a few things I gotta point out.

First, it's a relatively cheap rug. And I don't mean the price point. I certainly never hate on a good deal. The pile is so matted after less than a year. It's not plush and soft. Then, my kiddo and dog have destroyed it. The pattern is perfect for concealing stains... but not smells.

A dedication to containing the dog when we have to be away from home is the current plan. Oh, that an a gorgeous new rug.

Trying A New Furniture Arrangement

 And finally, the unplanned task from this past week. Rearranging furniture! I thought I enjoyed the way things were arranged before but I am totally digging this new layout. I'm not 100% committed but I do want to live with it at least until the new sofa and rug come in.

I like the way the bookcase and chair fill in the wall the separates the kitchen from the living room. Before it felt like this huge barrier that I couldn't ignore. Now it's concealed. I had plans to do a really cool gallery wall above the bistro set on this wall though so... it's up in the air.

Anyways, that's the end of my update this week. Hopefully deliveries will start coming in and the room can start coming to life. I don't have anything new to cross off the list this week, I'm planning to be busy this weekend!

Install Mural Feature Wall - Minted - Midnight Petals Mural Install
Paint Baseboards and Window Trim - In Progress
Replace Door Hardware
Hang Gallery Wall
Hang Rattan Mirror
Recover Rattan Chairs
Install New Lighting - Lighting A Room With No Built In Lighting | Maxim Lighting
Hang New Curtains - ordered
Replace Area Rug - ordered
Replace Sofa
Upgrade TV
Source A Second Hand Coffee Table

As always, thank you so much for checking in on my progress. To see the other updates, click here to go to the One Room Challenge link up.


  1. I loved the room before, but I love all the changes you're making as well. I can't wait to see everything you've planned for it come to life!

    You mentioned 3 coats of primer and one coat of paint, but I've wondered if you've ever worked with the primer-and-paint-in-one, and if so, what has your experience been? I would LOVE to one day be able to join these one-room challenges and other home blog challenges, but sadly lack the funds to do much at one time. Paint is cheap(ish), instant, and packs a big punch, though.

    Thanks for all your tips!


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